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PlayMaryland contains information about gambling in Maryland. If you’re curious about who we are, how we work or what to do if you need to reach us, you are on the right page.

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What is PlayMaryland?

First and foremost, PlayMaryland is a source of news and information about Maryland’s various legal gambling options. We have pages about the places you can visit, the kinds of games you can play and what gambling activities and locations you can expect to find in the state going forward.

PlayMaryland is also an affiliate marketing website. We partner with legal gambling providers in the state to provide gambling bonuses you can claim. However, our affiliate partners do not have editorial control or influence over the content we produce on PlayMaryland beyond their own advertising. We are a news site first, and we cover relevant stories concerning legal gambling in the state as they occur.

PlayMaryland is part of a network of similar gambling affiliate sites owned and operated by Catena Media. Catena Media is a publicly traded international corporation headquartered in Malta and listed on NASDAQ Nordic. Everything that we do is available for regulatory scrutiny wherever interested regulators have jurisdiction. We do not and will not ever cover, promote or do business with offshore gambling sites. Catena’s business is strictly confined to legal gambling.

Catena Media is licensed as a registered vendor in any state where a license is necessary. Maryland specifically exempts media outlets from this requirement. However, if the government of Maryland decides that media outlets in general or Catena Media specifically must apply for a license, we will do so.

The PlayMaryland mission

PlayMaryland is devoted to maximizing each Maryland gambler’s experience. We seek to give you the rundown on legal gambling options in the state, be it in person or online.

To that end, we provide up-to-date news and information about everything related to gambling in Maryland. We also have or will have bonus offers for legal online sites as they become available.

The PlayMaryland writing process

Our first step for completing any page on PlayMaryland is to acquire information. The information we use is as close to the primary source as we can find. If we discuss existing Maryland law, we use the text of the law itself, not a paraphrase or summation of it. If the subject is a proposal or measure that might become law, we cite the measure itself and, in many cases, speak to the state representative or senator who wrote the bill or is serving as its chief sponsor. If there’s a regulatory issue, we will speak to relevant personnel at the Maryland State Lottery & Gaming Control Agency or other law enforcement officials in the state.

What PlayMaryland does not do is publish gossip, rumors, or hearsay. We publish stories and pages only after we have confirmed them. Though we may publish our opinions from time to time, none of the claims in our reporting will be suppositions or unsupported by objective data. If you’re looking for a rumor mill, PlayMaryland is not the site for you.

The next step in the process is to write the piece. Our writers are either full-time employees of Catena Media or freelancers we have vetted and with whom we have existing contracts. Furthermore, we do not accept guest submissions or posts at any time. All of our content is generated internally and in collaboration with PlayMaryland’s editors and reviewers.

Once the piece is done, it then undergoes a detailed refining procedure by both copy and content editors at PlayMaryland. These individuals have years of experience in both gambling and style and correct the piece for its grammar and appearance. They also double-check the factual claims in the piece and check the writer’s sources. Almost every word on PlayMaryland also undergoes review by the site’s managing editor, Griffin Adams, who adds years of experience to shape and perfect each page.

The final step is in your hands. Although we strive for authenticity and accuracy at all times, writing at PlayMaryland is a human process, and we occasionally have errors in our reporting. If you see any information that you believe to be incorrect, please let us know. Be sure to describe the page in question and/or provide a link.

Who are PlayMaryland’s writers?

As mentioned above, all of PlayMaryland’s writers are either full-time Catena Media employees or freelancers whom we have hired for the job. Our writers have experience with both gambling and news reporting.

We do not accept guest submissions at any time, nor do we publish any externally produced content.

Be a PlayMaryland writer

While we don’t accept submissions from guests, we certainly don’t mean to dissuade you from becoming part of our team if you have the desire and skill to join us. We are always eager to hear from any Maryland-based writers who have a passion for gambling.

If you are interested, we suggest that you browse Catena’s careers page for open positions. Gambling continues to grow in the US, and in order to keep pace, we must grow with it. If you don’t see a position you like or simply want to go a different route, you may also email us.

Catena Media offers the opportunity for a career, generous salaries, and excellent benefits. If you are looking for a great work-life balance, Catena is the place to be.

Drop us a line

The staff at PlayMaryland wants to hear from you. If you are a member of the media and would like our expertise or to interview us, we are happy to assist. Reach out to our media relations department, and we will be in touch shortly.

If you are a reader of the site, then we want to hear from you, too. Shoot us an email about whatever is on your mind. Though we don’t publish rumors, we’re certainly happy to look into something if you’re hearing some buzz. If you have a complaint, then we obviously want to know about it. And if you’re just enjoying yourself on PlayMaryland, then we’d love to hear about that, too.

Above all else, let us know if there’s any way that we can make your time on the site more comfortable or effective.