Editorial Guidelines

PlayMaryland is dedicated to serving as the top resource for Maryland gamblers for news, information, and, as the legal situation permits, bonus offers for online gambling sites in the state.

In order to help you understand why you can trust PlayMaryland as such a resource, allow us to walk you through our editorial process. We’ll go over our procedures for collecting information, our approach to research, and how we translate our data into relevant reporting for you.

Before we begin, however, we want to emphasize how important it is that you let us know if you see any mistakes on our pages. If something is wrong, we want to correct it as soon as we can. You can send us a quick email about it and include the link.

Either legal or not at all

PlayMaryland only reports on gambling that is explicitly legal and regulated in the state of Maryland. Any gambling that exists in a gray area of the law or is outright illegal receives no mention on any of our pages beyond our explanations about the dangers that they pose to you.

If we tell you that an activity is legal in Maryland, we will usually cite the exact portion of the Maryland Code that identifies that activity as permissible in the state. If the assertion in question is a rule, rather than the law, we will provide a link to the relevant section of the Code of Maryland Regulations. If necessary, we will consult and reference published opinions from the state attorney general about the legality of an activity.

PlayMaryland also endeavors to stay away from content that involves rumors, supposition, hearsay, or gossip. While we may publish opinion pieces or occasionally inject our perceptions about issues, we are generally more focused on objectively reporting news and other events relevant to legal Maryland gambling.

Above all, our commitment is to provide you with the facts about what is legal in Maryland, what might become legal, and what remains illegal. It’s up to you to decide where you stand regarding legal gambling in the state.

How we get our information

PlayMaryland strives to get its information from primary sources at all times. We speak to relevant lawmakers, regulators, casino personnel, and law enforcement for the basis of most of our stories. We want to quote from the people who are at the center of the issue, not someone who is reporting secondhand. As mentioned, we also back up our claims and reporting from the actual language in Maryland statutes, administrative rules, and attorney general opinions.

Being closely involved in Maryland gambling, we certainly hear rumors from time to time. The writers and editors at PlayMaryland have years of experience in the gambling industry and have cultivated contacts throughout the state and the country. However, no matter how trusted a source might be, we don’t publish anything that we cannot independently verify. We take factual reporting about gambling very seriously, as your money and identity might otherwise be on the line.

Our publication standards

PlayMaryland contains original content only. Each page or story is the work of one of our staff members or, in some cases, freelancers whom we have vetted. We do not accept or publish guest posts, nor do we publish content produced by guest writers or other external content providers.

On occasion, we may use another media outlet’s reporting as a starting point for our content. When this occurs, we first independently confirm the veracity of the reporting. If we use the content, however, we always credit the source(s) for the story and provide links to the original document(s).

The original content that you see on PlayMaryland is not the first draft of the material. In most cases, multiple editors will review every word and double-check the facts of the story, edit the grammar of the page and smooth everything out for readability as necessary. We also maintain our informational pages with regular updates to ensure they contain current and accurate information. Finally, the managing editor of PlayMaryland, Alec Cunningham, reviews nearly every page before publication.

What we do

Despite our steadfast commitment to the facts, PlayMaryland is not a media outlet like The New York Times or The Washington Post. Such outlets traditionally make their money by selling advertising space alongside their news and editorial content. Companies that purchase ads might be philosophically aligned with the outlet, but it’s not a requirement, and the result is that you can see some very strange juxtapositions adorning the same page of these publications.

PlayMaryland, on the other hand, is an affiliate marketing site. We foster partnerships with legal gambling companies available to you in Maryland to offer bonuses and promotions. At no time will you ever have to pay to read or use our content. You don’t have to subscribe or furnish your email address to take advantage of our offers, either.

Many of the bonuses you find on PlayMaryland are only available on the site or one of our sister sites. PlayMaryland is part of Catena Media, an international news and affiliate marketing site covering the gambling industry around the world, and the strength of our relationships with top gambling companies allows us to offer quality bonus options.

Our partners are silent

It is important to note that our affiliate partners have no say in what we publish on PlayMaryland. Although we maintain strong relationships with them, we do not accept story requests or allow any of them editorial oversight over our reporting.

However, we cannot stress enough that you are never bound or compelled to use any of these bonuses or pay for the content you need on PlayMaryland. We are primarily a resource for you and are therefore dedicated to presenting unbiased and trustworthy coverage of Maryland gambling news as accurately and effectively as possible.

Advertising inquiries at PlayMaryland

We do not accept or publish advertising from any external sources on PlayMaryland, and we are not in the business of seeking advertising contracts. The only advertising copy you see on our pages belongs to our affiliate partners.

Contact us

Don’t be a stranger. If you have a question or comment, you can reach out to us here:

  • Catena Media
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As noted above, if ever something doesn’t look right on the site, please don’t hesitate to pick up the phone, send an email or write us a letter. Also, if you enjoy something you read on PlayMaryland, we wouldn’t mind hearing about that, too.

Above all else, please let us know if there’s a way we can make your visit better.

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