Caesars Sportsbook Maryland – $1,000 Sign-up Bonus

Get up to $1,000 at Caesars Sportsbook
Get up to $1,000 at Caesars Sportsbook
$1,000 First Bet
On Caesars
Caesars Sportsbook Review
  • Up to $1,000 Back as a Bonus Bet if Your Bet Loses
  • Stream NFL Games In-App for Free
  • 21+ Gambling problem? Call 1-800-GAMBLER 
  • Use Promo Code: PLAYMD1000

Sign up with Caesars Sportsbook in Maryland in July to claim your $1,000 sign-up offer. You need to use the Caesars Maryland promo code PLAYMD1000 to unlock this special sign-up offer.

This page will go over everything you need to know about Caesars online sportsbook in Maryland, including its bonus for new customers, the sports you’ll be able to wager on, the bets you can place, additional promotions you can claim, and even how to stream NFL games on the Caesars app and bet on them simultaneously.

We’ll also review the sportsbook mobile app, tell you how it compares to other sportsbook apps in Maryland, and even cover the Caesars retail sportsbook at Horseshoe Casino Baltimore.

Why Choose Caesars Sportsbook in Maryland
  • Welcome bonus: Up to $1,000 in bonus bets.
  • Great promos and odds boosts for all users.
  • Exceptional rewards program.
  • User-friendly interface.
Caesars Online Sportsbook Rating
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Caesars Sportsbook Maryland promo code for 2024

Sign up at Caesars Sportsbook in Maryland using the Caesars promo code PLAYMD1000 to claim your $1,000 welcome bonus.

Caesars Promo Code MarylandPLAYMD1000
Welcome BonusFirst bet insurance up to $1,000
Retail SportsbookHorseshoe Casino, Baltimore
Promo Code Valid InJuly 2024

Terms and conditions apply to all offers. Please see Caesars Sportsbook Maryland for details. 21+ Gambling Problem? Call 1-800-GAMBLER 

Can I trust Caesars Sportsbook?

Yes. On top of being among the most recognizable names in gambling, Caesars received its wagering license in MD from the Sports Wagering Application Review Commission. It must abide by the rules and regulations established by the Maryland Lottery and Gaming Control Agency in order to maintain its license.

Caesars has other ties to Maryland, as well. Specifically, Caesars has a partnership with the Baltimore Ravens which establishes Caesars as the NFL team’s ‘premier sports betting partner’. And Caesars operates a retail sportsbook at the Horseshoe Casino in Baltimore.

Focusing on MD sports betting, there are a couple of conditions you’ll need to meet to place bets in the state.

  • You must be 21 or older to wager on sports in the state.
  • You must be within the state when betting or when cashing out bets early. The Caesars Sports app and website require you to allow geolocation to verify this. If you refuse or are outside of Maryland, you won’t be able to bet.

Getting started at Caesars Sportsbook Maryland sports betting

Signing up with Caesars online sportsbook takes only a couple minutes and requires a few personal details.

On the Caesars sign-up page, click the green “Play now” button in the middle of the screen. Follow the prompts from there and fill out the registration form. You’ll need to enter the following details:

  • First and last name
  • Home address
  • Phone number
  • Email
  • Date of birth
  • Last four digits of your Social Security number
  • Password
  • Caesars Sportsbook promo code for Maryland: PLAYMD1000

Verify that all your info is correct and that you are 21 or older. After that, you should be signed up and ready to start betting.

Don’t forget to enter that Caesars Maryland promo code PLAYMD1000 to claim your $1,000 sign-up offer.

How do I download the Caesars Sportsbook Maryland app?

The Caesars app is available for Android and iOS devices, and the process to download it is not at all complicated. Head to the Caesars website on your phone or tablet and click the appropriate link for its operating system. From there, you’ll be able to follow the prompts to download and install the app on your device.

Watching NFL games on the Caesars app

Caesars became the first sportsbook app where users could stream NFL games, and as you would expect, bet on them at the same time. Not all NFL games are available to stream on the Caesars Maryland app, in fact, only one game a week is being offered at the moment.

Where do I find Caesars Sportsbook Maryland promotions?

To see all the current promotions, select the “Promotions” tab at the top of the app or webpage. It might appear as if Caesars doesn’t have as many promotions as other sportsbooks because there are usually only three or four offers on the promos page. However, Caesars unveils new offers all the time, and many only last for a day or two, which is why there are never that many offers visible.

Claiming Caesars’ promotions

For the most part, you don’t have to opt in to any Caesars MD promotions. Instead, on the promotions page, you can read what you need to do in order to be eligible. Most of the time that will mean placing a spread or moneyline wager of a set amount on a specific game.

What kind of promos does Caesars offer?

A majority of the promotions require you to win your initial bet to receive a bonus. This differs from a lot of other Maryland sportsbook bonuses that offer refunds if your bets lose. The type of promotion you prefer really comes down to your personal preference. The case for Caesars’ promotions is that when you’re victorious, you end up winning big, while at other sportsbooks, all you’re doing is getting your money back.

Caesars still has promotions that reward you just for betting on certain sports and events and at times for placing losing bets, as well. Check each promotion’s terms and conditions to be sure you know exactly what you’re signing up for.

Specific to Maryland users, Caesars is the premier sports betting partner of the Baltimore Ravens. You can expect to find additional promos that highlight that partnership from time to time.

And of course if you’re new to Caesars online sportsbook, you can get the full welcome offer outlined elsewhere on this page. Opt-in by using Caesars Maryland promo code PLAYMD1000.

Caesars Rewards Programs

 One perk to playing at Caesars Sportsbook Maryland is the fact that you get to participate in the various rewards programs on the platform. These help you earn bonuses and rewards just for interacting with the sportsbook.

There are two unique rewards programs that you should be aware of at Caesars Sportsbook. The first is the Tier Credits program. You can earn 10 Tier Credits for every $100 you wager on straight bets at Caesars Sportsbook and 20 Tier Credits for every $100 on parlays.

 The amount of Tier Credits that you earn in a calendar year determines your Tier Status. There are six Tier Status reward groups, ranging from Gold at the bottom to Seven Stars at the top, although the Seven Stars tier is by invitation only.

 The higher status that you achieve, the better perks you will be eligible for when doing any Caesars-related activity including gambling at the casino, sportsbook, or even checking into a Caesars hotel.

The second rewards program at Caesars Sportsbook involves Reward Credits. The way that you collect Rewards Credits at the sportsbook is exactly the same. You get 10 Rewards Credits for every $100 on straight bets and 20 if you spend that same amount of money on parlays.

Rewards Credits work a little differently than Tier Credits in that you can save them up and then choose how you would like to spend them. The Rewards Credits that you earn by playing at Caesars Sportsbook can be redeemed on any Caesars property.

This means that as you place wagers at Caesars Sportsbook, you are earning rewards points that can be later used to earn yourself free hotel stays, dinners, or other fun and exciting events.

Overall, because of Caesars’ wide brand reach, the sportsbook has one of the best loyalty and rewards programs in the industry. You can earn exciting perks for just using the sportsbook as your normally would.

Why should I choose the Caesars Sportsbook app?

Here are three of Caesars top strong points that sports bettors may want to consider when choosing a sportsbook in Maryland.

  • Odds boosts: We’re pretty sure Caesars has more odds boosts each day than any other sportsbook. It’s not uncommon to see 40 or more offers when you log in. Another point in its favor is that odds boost wagers are capped at $100, while many other books cap theirs at $50.
  • App and website integration: If you’re anything like us, you’ll be using Caesars Sportsbook on your computer as well as your mobile device(s). That means the last thing you want to deal with is separate layouts for each device. At Caesars you’ll get the same experience whether you’re on a computer or Android or iOS device.
  • Wealth of betting markets: Caesars has an abundance of pro and college leagues to bet on and a variety of betting options available for games, as well. In addition to betting on games on a nightly basis, you also can place futures bets and bet in real time thanks to Caesars’ live betting markets.
  • Strong Maryland ties: Caesars has deep connections to Maryland. It is partners with the NFL’s Baltimore Ravens, a partnership that applies to both its online sportsbook and to the Horseshoe Casino in Baltimore. The casino also features a retail sportsbook where you can make your wagers in person.

What won’t I like about the Caesars sports betting app?

And to continue helping you pick a sportsbook, here are three areas where Caesars could stand to improve.

  • Parlay promotions: If you’re a fan of parlays, you might be a little disappointed in the rarity of parlay boosters and parlay promos. Other sportsbooks often refund you money when you miss parlays by just one leg and/or boost your winnings on wagers with a certain number of legs.
  • High-stakes promotions: People will define high stakes differently. But if you’re not someone who cares to wager $50 or $100 on a single bet, you likely won’t qualify for some of Caesars’ promotions.

What kind of bets can I make at Caesars online sports betting?

You can place spread, moneyline, over/under, proposition and futures wagers on the Caesars Sportsbook app, among other options. Here’s an example of what a game listing looks like at Caesars, along with explanations for the various bets.

Baltimore Ravens-4.0 (-110)-215Over 51.5 (-110)
Cleveland Browns+4.0 (-110)+185Under 51.5 (-110)

Which team is the favorite and which is the underdog?

You can determine which team is favored by looking at either the spread or moneyline odds. Teams listed with negative numbers for the spread and moneyline are favored, and underdogs have positive numbers. So here, the Ravens are favored against the Browns.

What the odds mean

The Ravens’ moneyline (which is the odds on who will win) of -215 is saying that you would have to wager $215 to win a profit of $100 on a successful wager. The Browns’ moneyline of +185 is saying that a $100 bet on underdog Cleveland would win you $185 if you’re right.

The odds for point spreads and totals are generally around -110 on both sides. Another way to see your potential winnings is to add the wager to your bet slip, and the sportsbook will calculate it for you.

How point spread betting works

When you place a point spread bet, your wager will take into account the margin of victory. In the example above, the Ravens need to win by more than four points to cover the spread, while the Browns must avoid losing by more than four. Thus, if the Ravens win the game 28-25, point spread bets on Cleveland would pay out.

What about the total?

Totals or over/unders are wagers on the total combined points in a game. It doesn’t matter which team wins, but if we stick with the Ravens beating the Browns 28-25, that would be 53 total points, and bets on the over would win.

Prop betting at Caesars

Props are side bets on whether certain things will happen in a game but are not directly related to a game’s overall outcome. Caesars has props for player and team accomplishments, as well as on specific game situations. You can see all the available online prop bets for a game by clicking on each contest.

Parlays at Caesars

Parlays, teasers and round robins all require you to make multiple selections, and you’ll find options to place each type of bet in your bet slip. Parlays and teasers require you to get all of your selections correct, while round robins let you still win some money if you don’t.

Futures bets

When you click on individual sports at Caesars online betting, you’ll see a button at the top labeled “Futures Bets.” That will show you current futures betting options for that sport or league. You can bet on outright championship winners and division and conference victors. In addition, Caesars has futures markets for regular season team win totals, for whether teams will make the playoffs and for individual player awards and statistical leaders.

Live betting

Live betting lets you watch games and bet on them in real time. All you have to do is tap the “InPlay” header to show all the live betting options.

Across the top you can select the sport you want to live bet, and just like with pregame bets, clicking on the game shows you all your wagering choices. You also should see a drop-down scoreboard that shows you exactly what is going on in a game.

Can I bet on the Baltimore Orioles at Caesars Maryland?

Yes, you can wager on the Baltimore Orioles and the rest of Major League Baseball at Caesars Sportsbook. You’ll have all of the above betting options available to you, along with some wagers that are distinct to baseball.

  • Home runs: While pretty much all sportsbooks offer home run prop bets, Caesars might offer more than any of them. You can wager on a player to homer in a game, but you also can wager on which player will homer off the opposing starting pitcher first. Caesars also has what it calls “Anytime Wincasts,” which combine a player homering and that team winning. And if you really want a potentially big payout, you can bet on two players homering in the same game or on someone hitting a grand slam. You’ll likely see odds of +1,000 and above for those wagers.
  • Pitching wagers: Hitters aren’t the only ones you can bet on at Caesars, although the pitching markets tend to be far fewer. However, you can place over/under bets on pitcher strikeout totals, whether a team will be shut out or whether a team will allow fewer than three or four runs during the first six innings.
  • Double result: This is a bet on which team will be winning after five innings and which team will win the game. There are six available options for each game, and choosing one team to be leading after five innings and then the other team winning almost always has the highest odds.
  • Correct score: When you feel like channeling your inner Nostradamus you can even wager on what a game’s exact score will be. There are scores of options for each game, so be sure to choose wisely.
  • First team to score: You can wager on which team will score first along with betting on whether there will be a two-run scoring play or a three-run scoring play in the game.

This is just a small look at all your MLB betting options. Make sure to scroll through a few games on the Caesars MD app to get the best feel for all your wagering choices.

How do I get money on (and off!) Caesars online sportsbook quickly?

You can get money into and out of your Caesars account using any of the options listed below.


Deposit MethodMinimum AmountProcessing Time
ACH (e-check)$20Up to 2 days
Online bank transfer$20Instant
Caesars Play+ Prepaid Card$20Instant
Debit/credit card $20Instant
PayNearMe $20Roughly 15 minutes


Withdrawal MethodMinimum AmountProcessing Time
ACH (e-check)No Min.Within 72 hours
Online bank transferNo Min.Within 72 hours
Caesars Play+ Prepaid CardNo Min.Within 72 hours

In-person option

There is a retail Caesars Sportsbook at Horseshoe Casino Baltimore. At this point we are uncertain if you will be able to fund your online account there, but it seems likely. Be sure to check the Caesars Sports app and contact customer service before heading down to make sure you have everything you need to make in-person transaction.

How do I get help at Caesars Sportsbook?

Whenever you need assistance, you can click your account and find multiple support options at the bottom of the page. You can chat with a service agent through the app or website. You also can call 855-754-1200, which is staffed seven days a week.

Once Caesars Sports officially launches in Maryland, there also will be an email address you can use to get help. And lastly, the help button will open a page with a variety of topics you can search through to try to find an answer to your question.

How do I exclude myself from Caesars Sports?

Caesars’ responsible gambling page will let you set up different betting limits and exclude yourself from all of the company’s betting establishments.

To self-ban, you will need to fill out a form and submit it. If you still want to play at Caesars, you can instead set wagering and deposit limits. You can set these for the day, week or month. You even have the option to restrict how much time you can be on Caesars app and website.

If you or a person you know has a gambling problem, you can also check this responsible gambling page for Maryland, where you can find links and advice.

Can I bet with Caesars Sportsbook Maryland in person?

Yes, Caesars opened a retail sportsbook at Horseshoe Casino Baltimore, which was one of the locations designated for a sports wagering license.

  • Address: 1525 Russell St., Baltimore
  • Phone: 844-777-7463
  • Website:
  • Hours: Monday, 11 a.m.-11 p.m.; Tuesday-Thursday, 11 a.m.-9 p.m.; Friday, 11 a.m.-midnight; Saturday-Sunday, 9 a.m.-midnight

How does Caesars compare to other Maryland sportsbooks?

It’s hard to not consider Caesars to be one of the top sportsbooks in all of Maryland. The app works well on smartphones and tablets, and the website is solid. Caesars’ odds are on par with other top sportsbooks and the plethora of daily odds boosts helps make up for a slight lack of promotions compared to other books in the state, available when you use the DraftKings promo code, FanDuel promo code, or the BetMGM Maryland promo code.

The strong Maryland connections via the Baltimore Ravens partnership, and the Caesars sportsbook at Horseshoe Casino, are further reasons to consider Caesars a top choice for local users.

If you plan on having more than one sportsbook account, there is no reason that Caesars shouldn’t be one of them. And if you are only going to have one, then Caesars should make the list of contenders for that spot.

Caesars Sportsbook Maryland FAQ

Sign up using the Caesars Maryland promo code PLAYMD1000, and you’ll get first bet insurance worth up $1,000. This means if your opening wager loses, you’ll receive a bonus bet refund up to that $1,000 limit. 

Caesars has some distinct promos for free NBA and NFL jerseys and just all-around stellar bonuses that you won’t find at many other books.

The good news is that all three sportsbooks have quality odds. However, none is consistently the best or the worst. That’s why it can pay to have accounts at multiple books, allowing you to bet at the book that has the top odds for the wager you’re looking to make.

What makes Caesars different in terms of its odds boosts compared to other online sportsbooks is the sheer volume of offers available across multiple sports. It’s not uncommon to find 20 or 30 odds boosts each day at Caesars, while competitors often have five or fewer.

Yes. In addition to its long-term reputation as a reliable option for users in other jurisdictions, Caesars is regulated in Maryland by the Maryland Lottery & Gaming Control Agency. If online casino comes to Maryland, we expect the company to launch Caesars Online Casino.

Yes, Caesars has both an iOS and Android app that is free and easy to download onto your iPad, iPhone or Android device.

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