DraftKings Maryland Promo Code – $1,200 Sign-up Bonus

DraftKings Sportsbook arrived in Maryland on November 23. Thanks to a three-part sign-up bonus, you can Sign up with DraftKings Maryland and get $1,200 in bonuses. No DraftKings Maryland promo code is needed to activate this offer. Keep reading to find out how to get the most out of this lucrative welcome bonus.

During this review, we cover how that welcome bonus works. We look at what other promotions DraftKings has on offer, go over the betting markets for top pro and college leagues in the US and abroad, and do a deep dive on the DraftKings app for iOS and Android.

We’ll tell you the pros and cons of DraftKings Sportsbook Maryland, and how it compares to its major competitors.

Why Choose DraftKings Sportsbook in Maryland?
  • Welcome Bonus No. 1: Make a Bet, Win $150 in bonus bets
  • Welcome Bonus No. 2: $50 bonus bet with minimum deposit
  • Welcome Bonus No. 3: Deposit match up to $1,000
  • Weekly promos for NFL and college football
  • Switch between sportsbook and fantasy sports
DraftKings Online Sportsbook Rating
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  • Mobile App:
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DraftKings promo code Maryland 2023

As a new DraftKings customer in Maryland, you’re eligible for a three-part welcome bonus worth $1,200 in bonus bets and bonus funds. You do not need to enter a DraftKings Maryland promo code to get this offer.

DraftKings Maryland Promo CodeClick to claim DK promo
Total Welcome BonusUp to $1,200
Deposit Bonus$50 bonus bet with minimum deposit
Bet BonusMake a Bet, Get $150
Deposit MatchUp to $1,000
Licensing PartnerTimonium Racetrack at Maryland State Fairgrounds
Launch DateNovember 23, 2022
Last UpdatedDecember 1, 2023

DraftKings sign-up promo in Maryland in December 2023

The DraftKings offer is pretty straightforward, but there are three parts to it, so we’ll break them down separately.

DraftKings Maryland deposit match bonus up to $1,000

Your first deposit at DraftKings Sportsbook is matched 20% for up to $1,000. So, to get the full $1,000 in bonus funds you’ll need to make a minimum deposit of $5,000.

Those bonus funds are released at a rate of $1 for every $25 wagered. Thus, to get the full $1,000 in DraftKings Maryland bonus funds, you’ll need to place $25,000 in bets. This might sound like a lot, and truth be told it is. The good news is you have 90 days to reach this playthrough requirement. And you don’t have to release all the bonus funds since they are released on a rolling basis.

DraftKings Maryland $50 bonus bet with deposit

When you make that first deposit, you’ll be issued a $50 bonus bet at DraftKings. This bonus bet is yours to do with as you’d like. Other than using it before it expires, there are no restrictions on it. You should know that you only get the winnings from it, not the value of the bonus bet itself. This means that using it on a significant favorite will net you very little money in return. Whereas winning a bet with +100 odds would get you $50 into your DraftKings account.

DraftKings Maryland Bet $5, Win $150 in bonus bets

The final part of the DraftKings Sportsbook welcome bonus in Maryland is arguably the best. Make a $5 cash bet on whatever you want, and DraftKings will credit your account with $150 in bonus bets. The DraftKings bonus bets come as six $25 bonus bets. Just like the $50 bonus bet discussed in the section above, these $25 bonus bets are yours to use however you see fit.

Can I trust DraftKings Sportsbook?

Yes, DraftKings is dependable and trustworthy. Before becoming one of the top sportsbook entities in the US, with mobile sportsbooks in many other states, DraftKings was one of the top daily fantasy sports sites in the country, which it still is.

In addition, to operate in the Maryland sports betting market, DraftKings received the approval of the Sports Wagering Application Review Commission, and it operates under the jurisdiction of the Maryland State Lottery & Gaming Control Agency.

DraftKings has a couple key Maryland partnerships, strengthening its ties to the local community. DraftKings is the official sports betting partner of the Baltimore Ravens. And for licensing purposes, DraftKings is partnered with Timonium Racetrack at the Maryland State Fairgrounds. The expectation is a retail DraftKings sportsbook will eventually arrive there.

You need to be 21 or older and within state lines to bet at DraftKings in Maryland. To confirm the second part, be sure geolocation is enabled on your device.

Getting started at DraftKings Maryland sports betting

To register for a DraftKings Sportsbook account in Maryland, click the link on this page to get started. From there, select the green “Sign Me Up” link. If you have a DraftKings Fantasy account already, you can then select the small blue “Log In” button. Otherwise, you must submit the following details:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Cellphone
  • Address
  • Birthdate
  • Social Security number (last four digits)
  • Password

On the off chance, DraftKings cannot confirm your personal info, you will have to submit a form of picture ID. The majority of the time you can upload a driver’s license or passport photo and that will suffice.

How do I download the DraftKings Maryland app?

The DraftKings app works equally well on Android and Apple devices. And downloading the app is both effortless and fast. First, head to the sportsbook site and look for the download buttons. You should see one for each operating system: “Download on the App Store” and “Download for Android.” Click the appropriate button to download and install the correct app for your device.

Where do I find DraftKings promotions?

Some of DraftKings Sportsbook’s promotions are visible near the top of the page on both the app and website. To be sure that you’re not missing anything, though, you can select the promos header at the top. The DraftKings promotion page has three sections (missions, rewards and promotions):

DraftKings missions

Missions at DraftKings are basically a different type of promotion. You’ll receive an assignment from the sportsbook, and if you complete it, you’ll get a prize.

A mission could be something as simple as, “Place three over/under bets and earn a $5 bonus bet” or much bigger such as “Place three spread bets of $300 or more and get a $150 bonus bet.” Missions will have a deadline to complete your goal. You’ll see a counter showing how close you are to finishing the mission and when it will expire.

Rewards and Crowns

The rewards section shows you how many DK Crowns you have, the rewards that are available to you, the rewards you’re currently using, and those that have expired.

You receive one Crown for every $2 you bet at the sportsbook and $1 you spend on DFS contests. For every 550 Crowns you redeem, you’ll get $1 in bonus funds that you can wager like cash. You also may want to check your available rewards regularly to make sure you’re not forgetting anything.


This is the section you’ll want to check the most often because DraftKings offers new promos daily.  Find a variety of  Maryland sports betting bonuses there, with these being some of the most popular ones:

  • Boosts: Examples include “Get a 50% profit boost on any NFL bets today” or “Get a 33% profit boost on any three-leg NBA parlay today.” Just opt-in and then click on the boost before placing your bet.
  • Insurance: The most common insurance offers are for the NFL, NBA, and NHL. For the NFL and NHL, you’ll receive a bonus bet if your first touchdown or first goal bet loses, but the player you bet on scores at any point in the contest. For the NBA, if your first basket scorer bet fails, you’ll get a bonus bet if that player scores the game’s second or third basket.
  • No brainers: These are wagers on things that are a virtual guarantee of happening. You usually can’t win a ton of money because of bet caps ($10-$25), but it’s basically bonus money, so who’s going to complain?
  • Hammers: This is DraftKings’ take on FanDuel Sportsbook’s Spread the Love contests. For a select game, DraftKings will lower the over/under line by one point for every 1,500 bettors who wager on it. The line will get so low that there is essentially zero chance of an over bet losing. These bets are usually capped at $25 with +100 odds, so you will double your bet.

When did DraftKings Sportsbook launch in Maryland?

DraftKings Maryland launched on November 23, 2022.

We started to get a sense the arrival of online sports books was imminent when Maryland Lottery and Gaming Control Agency director John Martin, stated online sports betting should be live sometime in 2022. “I am confident there will be mobile wagering in the state of Maryland in 2022,” Martin said.

The Sports Wagering Application Review Commission then convened, on November 16, to finalize the review process. To no one’s surprises, DraftKings was one of the ten operators given the go-ahead to open its virtual doors. Shortly after that, Draftkings made it official that November 23 would be the go-live date.

The company is partnered with the NFL’s Baltimore Ravens to launch in the state. The Ravens were the fifth NFL team to partner with DraftKings. There is also a partnership with Timonium Racetrack at the Maryland State Fairgrounds, with an expectation that a retail sportsbook will arrive soon.

Why should I choose the DraftKings Sportsbook app?

Here are three of the top reasons to sign up with DraftKings Sportsbook in Maryland.

  • Variety of betting choices: You can bet on a multitude of different sports both in the US and internationally at DraftKings. In addition, you can place a variety of bets, with the available sports bet options for single games reaching into the triple digits.
  • Plentiful rewards: There are so many ways to get rewarded at DraftKings that it’s sometimes hard to keep track of them all. You’ve got all the great promotions, and then there are the missions that allow you to get even more bonuses and the Crowns you can collect.
  • DFS and pools: Chances are you’re at least somewhat familiar with DraftKings DFS, but did you know the sportsbook also has both paid and free sports pools you can enter? Pools are almost like a hybrid of sports betting and DFS. You answer questions for select events and then the top bettors get paid based on the pay table. One thing that we like about pools is you know someone is always going to win, which you can’t say about placing sports bets.

What won’t I like about the DraftKings Sportsbook app?

And here are a few weak points we’d like to see DraftKings improve.

  • Cash out choices are sparse: If you have PayPal, this shouldn’t be a major problem, but otherwise, it could be. As it stands, you can withdraw funds via PayPal or by having a check sent to your home address. For such a huge sportsbook, these options fall well short of being up to par.
  • Glitchy app at times: We’ll start by saying this has gotten better, but the DraftKings app is still far from perfect. Our biggest issue is that opting in to and using bonuses can be problematic. It’s not uncommon to have to opt-in multiple times, and even then the bonus won’t always show up for you.

What kind of bets can I make at DraftKings online betting?

DraftKings offers all the bets that you’ll find at most other Maryland sportsbooks. That includes moneylines, over/unders, spreads, and prop bets. You also can build parlays and round robins. Here is an example of a game listing at DraftKings:

Point SpreadTotal PointsMoneyline
Washington Football Team+6.5 (-112)Over 51.5 (-109)+245
Baltimore Ravens-6.5 (-109)Under 51.5 (-112)-315

What is the spread?

The point spread helps even the betting field. For our example, the line is 6.5. At the game’s end, the Ravens, who are favored, will have 6.5 points removed from their score if you bet on Baltimore. Or Washington will have 6.5 points added to its score if you bet on that side. If your team is still leading after adding or removing points, your bet wins.

The odds appear in parentheses, and they mean you would need to bet $112 on Washington or $109 on Baltimore to collect $100 in winnings.

Why do totals end in .5?

First, totals are bets on the combined score of a game. You either bet over or under the listed number. The reason many totals have a .5 at the end is to prevent ties, same as with point spreads.

If the totals betting line doesn’t end in .5 and a game ends exactly on that number, your bet is a push and you get your money back. If the wager was part of a parlay or other multi-bet, it’s no longer part of the consideration for your overall wager.

How do moneyline odds work?

There are two things to keep in mind with money line betting. First, negative numbers mean you must bet that much money for a chance to win $100. For instance, a $315 bet on the Baltimore Ravens would win $100, while a $31.50 bet would win you $10.

Positive numbers, meanwhile, mean a $100 bet will win you that much money back. Once again, you can adjust depending on the size of your wager. If you bet $100 on Washington, you would be in line to win $245, while a $10 bet would win $24.50 if correct.

Prop betting at DraftKings

It can be a little staggering how many prop betting options you’ll find at DraftKings. Think of prop bets as side wagers. When you click on a contest, you’ll see all the available betting choices. The most popular bets appear first, and you can click on different headers to see all the props DraftKings has to offer.

Parlays and other multi-bets

All you need to do to build parlays and round robins at DraftKings is add the bets you want to your bet slip. Parlays require you to get all your selections right, while round robins let you still win some money if you don’t get everything correct.

While parlays can lead to extremely large paydays, they are very difficult to win. Don’t be fooled when sportsbooks share huge wins on social media. Those wagers are definitely the exception and should not be your expectation.

Futures betting at DraftKings

DraftKings might have the most extensive futures bets of any online sportsbook in Maryland. When you click on individual leagues, you’ll see your futures betting options close to the top of the page. Prior to the NFL season, for example, the categories were team futures, awards, player totals, and offseason specials.

Live betting at DraftKings

Live betting lets you bet on games in real time. If you think a team that is trailing at halftime is going to stage a big comeback, you can bet on it. Or maybe you’re convinced a drive starting from a team’s own one-yard line is going to result in a touchdown, you can bet on that, too.

Can I bet on the Baltimore Orioles at DraftKings Sportsbook in Maryland?

Yes, DraftKings has an abundance of betting markets available for all Major League Baseball games, including the hometown Baltimore Orioles. You’ll be able to place all the bets we described above, as well as some distinctive MLB baseball bets:

  • Inning bets: There are quite a few inning-related wagers you can place at DraftKings. Some of the most popular are for the first three and five innings of a game. These bets allow you to focus on just a game’s starting pitchers. You also can bet on total runs per inning and which team will win each inning.
  • Odd/even: If you want a bet that really is a coin flip, try odd/even. You’re betting on whether a game will finish with the total runs being an odd or even number.
  • Alternate lines: Just because one line is listed prominently doesn’t mean it’s the only one. When you click on the “Game Lines” section, you’ll find more options for spreads and totals for that game. These lines can be good when building parlays.
  • Player props: It’s pretty amazing how many player prop bets DraftKings offers for every MLB game. While betting on a certain player to homer is popular, you also can wager on a player to get a hit, drive in a run or score a run. For pitchers, you’ll find over/under for strikeouts and wagers on whether they’ll get the win.
  • First to X runs: You also can bet on which team will score a specified number of runs first. Remember, away teams bat first so they’ll always get the first crack. Also, at DraftKings, you’ll select “Tie” if you don’t think either team will reach a certain threshold.

How do I get money on (and off!) DraftKings online sportsbook quickly?

Here are your choices for depositing and withdrawing money from your DraftKings account.

The deposit options are numerous; the withdrawal choices not so much.


Deposit MethodMinimum AmountProcessing Time
Online bank transfer $5Instant
Credit or debit card$5Instant
ACH (e-check)$5Instant
Wire transfer$1001-2 Days
DraftKings gift card$5Instant
DraftKings Play+ Prepaid Debit Card$5Instant


Withdrawal MethodMinimum AmountProcessing Time
PayPal $13-5 days
Check mailed to you $157-14 days

How do I get help at DraftKings Sportsbook?

DraftKings offers around-the-clock assistance. From the contact page, you can pick a topic and send a message detailing your problem. When doing this, just make sure you click on the sportsbook option at the top. Your other choices are fantasy and casino. There is a blue hyperlink that allows you to fill out a form and receive a callback.

Another option is to email DraftKings at sp[email protected]. A fourth choice is to look through the FAQ page to see if an answer to your problem already exists.

How do I exclude myself from DraftKings MD?

If you want to exclude yourself from all DraftKings products or just set up gambling limits, you’ll start by clicking on the responsible gambling link at the bottom of all DraftKings pages.

Once there, you should see hyperlinks to self-exclude or set limits. When clicking each one, you’ll find explanations for how the exclusions and limits work. To find out more about betting safely, you can check out this responsible gambling in Maryland page.

Can I bet at DraftKings Sportsbook in person in MD?

We expect to see a DraftKings retail sportsbook at the site of its licensing partner, Timonium Racetrack at the Maryland State Fairgrounds. We’ll update this spot as we have more info.

How does DraftKings compare to other Maryland sportsbooks?

We’re pretty hard pressed to think of many sportsbooks that we even consider in DraftKings’ league at the moment. FanDuel Maryland definitely is one of them, and, depending on your preferences, the Caesars Maryland app, BetMGM mobile app and PointsBet Sportsbook app could be up there, as well. Other than that, DraftKings offers a pretty clear advantage over most others.

DraftKings Maryland FAQ

You do not need a DraftKings code to claim the best DraftKings welcome bonus worth up to $1,200 for new players in Maryland. Open an account with DraftKings Maryland, and you’ll get a three-part sign-up bonus. First, make a deposit and get a $50 bonus bet. That deposit also is matched 20% for up to $1,000 in bonus funds. Third, make a $5 cash bet, and get $150 in bonus bets instantly.

See full terms and conditions in the DraftKings Sportsbook Maryland welcome bonus section above.

The minimum deposit at DraftKings Sportsbook is $5.

DraftKings is a legal and licensed sportsbook. Offshore books are neither of those things, which can make them unsafe, with potentially your personal info and money ending up at risk. We advise against doing business with offshore sportsbooks.

In comparison to Caesars, DraftKings is a little lacking when it comes to odds boosts. Caesars offers odds boosts across multiple sports and tends to have many boosts to choose from. Conversely, DraftKings offers few daily odds boosts.

The maximum bet can vary from sport to sport. For example, the maximum bet on basketball is $1,000,000, whereas for hockey it is $250,000.

Whether you’re on the app or website, withdrawing follows the same process. To do so, click on your account icon and click the withdrawal button. You’ll need to provide the last four digits of your Social Security number along with your zip code before picking your withdrawal method. DraftKings does not charge withdrawal fees.

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