Live NFL Odds

The NFL is undeniably the top attraction at US sportsbooks, either online or in-person, and fans across Maryland love their football. If the Baltimore Ravens aren’t your team, there’s always the Washington Commanders.

Below get direct access to this week’s NFL odds from the top Maryland sportsbooks and more.

This week’s NFL odds: Moneylines, spreads, totals

Below you can see the latest NFL game day odds from the top online sportsbooks. NFL futures odds are active all year round. They include odds on the next Super Bowl, division winners, MVP, team win totals and more.

Baltimore Ravens odds

If betting on the Ravens is your thing, see below for a snapshot of the current team and NFL player props to bet on for this week’s game.

Washington Commanders odds

Maryland is home to plenty of Washington Commanders fans, so here is a look at Washington Commanders odds.

NFL MVP odds

Can Lamar Jackson snag the MVP trophy for a second time? The odds board for the next NFL MVP is quite active; check the latest NFL MVP odds from the top sportsbooks below.

How to bet on the NFL in Maryland

To bet on the NFL in Maryland, you’re going to need a place to play. First things first, make sure that you’re taking your business to a legal sportsbook. When scouting out places, beware of offshore books that operate outside of the law. To make it even easier, just stick to the best Maryland sportsbooks on this site and get started by doing the following:

  • Click one of the sportsbook links on this site to head to that book’s website and start the registration process.
  • Follow the prompts to register for an account.
  • Download the app directly from the sportsbook website.
  • Deposit funds or claim your MD sportsbook bonus.
  • Browse the latest NFL betting odds and get ready to bet.

You can be ready to bet in a matter of minutes, and a real sportsbook will be at your fingertips whenever you need it. One important note to keep in mind: To place bets, you need to be within state lines. Sportsbooks will verify this via geolocation. If you’re not within Maryland, then your bets won’t go through.

Best NFL betting app

When it comes to NFL betting in Maryland, top recommended books include the DraftKings Maryland app, BetMGM Maryland and Caesars MD. However, the FanDuel Sportsbook is really tough to beat. The app is user-friendly and among the most visually appealing that you’ll find. All of the main functions are easy to use, and the NFL betting lines and odds stack up well with competitors. On FanDuel, you’ll find a wide range of NFL markets:

The last item on the list has grown to be one of FanDuel’s most popular features. A same-game parlay lets you tie together two or more bets from the same contest on a single slip, such as a money line wager and a player prop. For the NFL season, FanDuel Maryland Sportsbook can serve as a solid sidekick as you prepare to enjoy the games.

Get started with NFL betting

If you’re new to betting on the NFL, there’s a good chance that you’ll quickly realize that there are big differences between being a fan and someone who can wager successfully on the sport. There are a lot of moving pieces to consider for NFL games, and oddsmakers know what they’re doing.

So is there any hope for the novice to break through and find some success? There’s absolutely a chance, but it’s going to take some effort. To help shorten the learning curve, read our guide on how to bet on the NFL to point you in the right direction and prepare you to start betting.

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