8 Numbers Behind The Baltimore Ravens Record Preseason Win Streak

Written By T.J. McBride on August 11, 2023 - Last Updated on August 14, 2023
Ravens preseason win streak

Every year when the NFL preseason begins, many fans flock to see how the Baltimore Ravens performed.

This might seem strange. Why would fans be so interested in the outcome of a Ravens preseason game that has largely no impact on the regular season?

That is because the Ravens are the current owners of the longest NFL preseason win streak of all time with 24 consecutive wins.

So on that note, here are eight numbers from the Ravens 24-game preseason winning streak that are as impressive as they are insane.

2,900-plus days since last Ravens preseason loss

When the Ravens took on the Philadelphia Eagles for their first preseason game of 2023 on Aug. 12, it marked day No. 2,900 since Baltimore lost their last preseason game.

That is seven years, 11 months and eight days since the Ravens lost 20-19 against the Atlanta Falcons to conclude their 2015 preseason with three-straight losses.

For more context, the last time the Ravens lost a preseason game was the same week the iPhone 6S was debuted by Apple. Just two days after the Ravens last preseason loss, Lamar Jackson debuted for the University of Louisville.

20-4 against the spread during the streak

Not only have the Ravens won 24 straight preseason games, but they have won against the spread in 20 of those wins which has made bettors extremely happy.

Whether or not this trend will continue is completely up in the air. Preseason success is largely based on luck and randomness as opposed to true preseason dominance which makes forecasting the future of this streak impossible.

The Ravens are entering their second preseason battle against the Commanders as point favorites with odds around to win at most Maryland sportsbooks.


1 head coach for all 24 preseason wins

Each and every one of the 24 consecutive preseason wins has come under the leadership of head coach John Harbaugh.

After the Ravens won their 23rd straight preseason game with a 17-15 win over the Washington Commanders, Harbaugh said the winning streak might not be as random as some people think.

“Like I say all the time, ‘There’s significance and meaning to everything in life. The guys that were out there playing, I promise you, it’s significant to those guys who played in the game and found a way to win the game.”

Nearly eight years of unblemished preseason play for the Ravens has one obvious throughline; head coach Harbaugh.

14 teams have been defeated during the winning streak

The Ravens have not just won 24 straight preseason games, but they have beaten a whopping 14 different teams in the process.

Just look at this list of teams who have fallen to the Ravens before the regular season arrived:

  • Washington Commanders (five times)
  • New Orleans Saints (three times)
  • Carolina Panthers (two times)
  • Indianapolis Colts (two times)
  • Miami Dolphins (two times)
  • Detroit Lions
  • Buffalo Bills
  • Chicago Bears
  • Los Angeles Rams
  • Jacksonville Jaguars
  • Green Bay Packers
  • Philadelphia Eagles (two times)
  • Tennessee Titans
  • Arizona Cardinals

In Week 1 of the preseason, the Eagles became the sixth team to be beaten multiple times in the life of the Ravens record-breaking preseason winning streak.

5 straight preseason losses for the Commanders against the Ravens

As stated above, no team has lost to the Ravens during this winning streak as many times as the Commanders have.

The five wins against Washington account for just under 21% of the entire 24-game preseason winning streak. Four of the five wins were decided by 13 points or more. In total, the Ravens outscored the Commanders 127-38 across those five games thanks to three wins being in blow out fashion with the Ravens winning by 20 points or more.

Baltimore will play in Washington for their second preseason game of the season on Monday, Aug. 21, at 8 p.m.

Nearly 59 years the previous record stood

The Ravens 24 straight preseason wins is the current record, which is still ongoing, but the original record stood for almost 59 years before being shot down.

The Green Bay Packers were the original record holders when they won 19 straight preseason games between 1959-1962. Legendary head coach Vince Lombardi was at the helm at the time.

It is hard to imagine any other team reaching such a level of preseason success.

Only 13 preseason winning streaks have reached more than 10 wins

The Ravens have become the first team to ever win 20-or-more consecutive preseason games in the NFL, but there are 13 other winning streaks that spanned more than 10 games.

  • 24 wins (and counting): Baltimore Ravens 2015-present
  • 19 wins: Green Bay Packers 1959-1962
  • 14 wins: Chicago Bears 1957-1959; San Diego/Los Angeles Chargers 1960-1963
  • 13 wins: Baltimore Colts 1964-1967; San Francisco 49ers 1991-1993
  • 12 wins: Chicago Bears 1945-1948; Baltimore Ravens 1998-2000
  • 11 wins: Detroit Lions 1951-1953; Minnesota Vikings 1963-1965; Baltimore Colts: 1968-1970; Miami Dolphins 1975-1977; Philadelphia Eagles 1954-1955

Funny enough, Baltimore football teams make up four of the 13 teams who have eclipsed 10 consecutive preseason wins.

1 Ravens playoff win since the streak began

Despite all of the talk of the Ravens preseason success, it has not been an indicator of playoff success.

Since the Ravens record breaking preseason win streak began, Baltimore has won just one playoff game in five tries and have not made it beyond the divisional round of the NFL playoffs.

The Ravens are darkhorse contenders this year with a revamped offensive system, Jackson’s future with the Ravens secured with a new contract, and their typical strong defense.

Could this be the year that preseason success finally conveys into a deeper playoff run?

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