Crab Sports Keeps It Local By Partnering With Jimmy’s Famous Seafood

Written By Connie Reinert on March 16, 2023
Crab Sports stays local with Jimmy's Famous Seafood partnership

To fulfill its pledge of staying local, Crab Sports is partnering with Baltimore restaurant Jimmy’s Famous Seafood. Crab Sports, a Maryland-based sportsbook founded in 2021, is working with Gaming Innovation Group Inc. to offer sports betting services in The Old Line State.

Jimmy’s Famous Seafood began in 1974. It boasts award-winning crab cakes and large selection of seafood. And now, it also has a sportsbook.

Crab Sports’ focus is 100% on Maryland, co-founder says

As of last November, Maryland sports betting includes both in-person and online sportsbooks. Marylanders currently have more than half a dozen online sportsbooks to choose from. There’s also six casinos in the state with retail sportsbooks.

Crab Sports intends to grow its sportsbook operations by focusing only on businesses in Maryland, said Crab Sports co-founder Derek Baker in a news release.

“Crab Sports is dedicated 100% to the state of Maryland and intends to live and breathe its ‘for Maryland, by Maryland’ ethos. We want to partner with local hero businesses to deliver a unique customer experience and product for the people of The Old Line State.”

Jimmy’s Famous Seafood Development Manager Mike Cornblatt shared the same thoughts.

“We are thrilled to have a locally-owned sports betting partner working alongside us.”

Over 50% of Crab Sports’ owners are minority and women

Crab Sports is entering an already competitive sports betting market in Maryland. The sportsbook expects to generate $217 million in revenue in its first year.

The smaller sports betting company boasts being more than 50% owned by women and minorities. Their focus is on targeting local businesses within Maryland to develop relationships and build their market share. Crab Sports is also ensuring that all proceeds from sports wagering activities will remain in the state.

The company plans to grow slowly, Baker said.

“Our dream is set out in stages.”

There’s benefits to supporting local businesses

While it seems that bigger sportsbooks will overpower smaller ones, there are significant benefits to being local.

Getting to know the people behind the company

Personal connections are vital these days. There’s something to be said about doing business with a person instead of a device. 

Partnerships with local businesses ensure that customers have a more personal feel when placing bets. Crab Sports does have a mobile sports betting app, but being able to walk into a Jimmy’s Famous Seafood and place a bet in a familiar place enhances customer satisfaction.

Better customer service and support

Dealing with large companies can mean long waits at customer service kiosks and on the phone when something goes wrong. 

Focusing on building a reputation on a local level means customers can get more personalized support and feel confident they’ll be taken care of.

Working together to benefit both parties

Cross-advertising on a local level will be huge for Crab Sports and Jimmy’s Famous Seafood, as well as future local partners. 

These companies are investing in each other, so knowing that money is going back into supporting local communities and businesses builds a lot of trust with customers.

Photo by Jimmy's Famous Seafood
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