Analysis: DraftKings Offers Best Pre-Launch Promo For Maryland Bettors

Written By Tyler Andrews on November 15, 2022 - Last Updated on July 18, 2023
Free Money Sportsbook Offers In Maryland

With Maryland online sports betting set to launch Wednesday, Nov. 23, Maryland bettors already have solid pre-launch offers from a handful of top sportsbook operators.

After analyzing available offers, PlayMaryland thinks, all things considered, DraftKings has the best one. We’ve got three reasons why we think Bay Staters should pull the trigger on DraftKing’s pre-launch promo.

As many as seven sportsbooks will be ready to launch next week. Keep an eye on our live updates page to find all the latest offers and see when your favorite sports betting apps are launching in Maryland.

What exactly is a bonus bet?

Sportsbooks offer bonus bets as part of their promotions, but some new Maryland sports bettors may not be familiar with the term. In fact, some experienced bettors may not be familiar, as they’re used with various caveats for various operators. 

In the case of Maryland, a bonus bet comes in the form of site credit offered to all customers who sign up for an account during the pre-launch period. After signing up, the amount of the bonus bet is available to use same as cash

Restrictions apply to the types of bets that can be placed using bonus bet credit–live bets, odds-boost bets, parlays, etc.–but those are few.

If the bonus bet hits, the bettor pockets the winnings from the bet but not the bonus bet money used as the stake.

Let’s take an example. Say, you use a $10 bonus bet (the stake) on the Capitals at even odds, and you win. In that case, you’d pocket $10. The $10 bonus bet stake would dissolve. Obviously, if you had staked $10 of your own money and won the same bet, you’d cash out $20. So, bonus bet tokens staked on winning bets do not return to the bettor with their winnings. They dissolve immediately after use.

Each Maryland promo offer has slightly different terms around how the bonus bet credits are partitioned out when you sign up, and we’ll cover that as part of the reason we think DraftKings Sportsbook MD gives bettors the best bang for their buck.

Reason 1: DraftKings offers the most markets

We’ll start with the core reason. DraftKings, as the original online sportsbook operator, offers the most betting markets. In layman’s terms, they offer bettors the most types of bets to make on the widest variety of sports. This variety gives their app longevity and replay value as seasons and sports change. 

FanDuel is not far behind in terms of markets, and, in fact, most players prefer FanDuel for the options they give bettors for same-game parlays. However, DraftKings is the most comprehensive operator, and their site provides the most extensive markets in all sports. 

Further, they’re stable. Their app works across platforms, and it doesn’t crash. Reliability is crucial in online sports betting, and DraftKings is rock-solid reliable.

Reason 2: DraftKings has the best option for live betting

DraftKings’ live-betting collaboration with sports-technology company Simplebet is top-notch. DraftKings and Simplebet signed their multi-year deal last year, and the two have been offering the best live betting options since then.

Live or “In-the-moment” betting is a relatively new market that lets bettors make wagers on in-game outcomes, like next made free throw or next tackle. These bets are made possible by data analysis services that can set in-the-moment odds for different events that might happen in a game. 

The crucial component in live betting is the quality of the lines set by data analysis services. If these minute lines are off a hair, operators and bettors can lose a lot of money. 

 Simplebet does this as well as any service, and DraftKings customers can feel confident that they’re getting the best, and most, in-game lines on these exciting new markets.

Reason 3: DraftKings is offering the most bonus bet money

This one’s simple: $200 in bonus bets vs. $100. That’s what separates DraftKings from FanDuel in the Maryland pre-launch. 

DraftKings’s bonus bet credit of $200 comes as eight $25 bonus bet tokens that expire seven days after hitting the player’s account.

That the tokens come in small denominations benefits players who want to try a variety of markets. With so many bonus bets, a player can make some safe bets as well as get their feet wet with a few riskier ones. Or they can drop all eight tokens on a single bet. Again, with DraftKings, players have plenty of options. 

The only markets these tokens cannot be used for are live bets, odds boosts, parlays, and cash-out bets

NBA fans might want to consider FanDuel

While the money difference will draw more people to DraftKings, FanDuel’s promo may appeal to NBA fans.

FanDuel Sportsbook MD is offering three months of free NBA League Pass on top of their $100 in bonus bets. 

If you live for the NBA and don’t have NBA League Pass, FanDuel’s offer will get you three free months of service. The promo starts on the day online sports betting launches in Maryland. 

The promotion doesn’t clarify if that subscription will continue automatically at a charge to you. Players who use FanDuel will want to clarify this point should they choose to take this offer. 

Don’t be picky; try them all

Though we believe Old Line Staters will benefit most by choosing DraftKings, bettors should take advantage of all Maryland pre-launch offers. Between current operators, players have over $1,000 of bet credit at their disposal in the promotional period. And, as all gamblers know, you don’t want to leave any cash on the table.

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