TwinSpires Horse Racing Maryland Offer Code & Review

Welcome to our comprehensive review of TwinSpires Racebook in Maryland! This review will cover various aspects of TwinSpires, including its bonus and promotional offer (such as the $200 in bonus money you get with TwinSpires offer code BET200), available bet types, customer support, deposit methods, and more.

Best horse race betting app in Maryland

Whether you’re a seasoned bettor or new to horse racing, this review aims to provide valuable insights to help you make an informed decision. Let’s dive in and explore what TwinSpires has to offer horse racing enthusiasts in Maryland.

TwinSpires horse betting sign-up bonus

When you register your TwinSpires account using the offer code BET200, you’ll open the door to receiving the racebook’s $200 welcome bonus. But you’ll also need to start betting.

The racebook will credit the $200 bonus cash to your account in increments of $100 for every $400 wagered. To earn the $200 bonus, you must wager $800 within 30 days of creating your TwinSpires account. It’s important to remember that completed wagers refer to races that have been run and have official results.

To qualify for the TwinSpires $200 sign-up bonus, follow the steps below:

  • Follow the links on this page to launch TwinSpires.
  • Register a new account and use the Twinspires promo code BET200.
  • Make a first deposit of at least $10 on the TwinSpires site or the TwinSpires app.
  • Place your bets on eligible races.
  • Meet the wagering requirements.
  • Receive the $200 after wagering $800 within 30 days.

TwinSpires Maryland offer code 2024

Online RacebookTwinSpires Maryland
Promo CodeBET200
Deposit Bonus Offer$200 in bonus money
Last UpdatedMay 2024

TwinSpires Maryland promotions

In addition to the attractive sign-up bonus, TwinSpires offers a range of exciting promotions for existing players. Here are a few examples of what TwinSpires has previously offered.

It Pays to Have Friends

TwinSpires offers a fantastic referral promotion called “It Pays to Have Friends.” With this promotion, you can earn $10 in betting credits for each friend you refer to join TwinSpires. The best part? Your referred friends will also receive $10 in betting credits as a welcome bonus.

Share the referral rewards program with your friends and family via social media, text, or email. Spread the word and encourage them to join TwinSpires. For every referral that creates a TwinSpires account, you will receive $10 in betting credits. It’s a win-win situation: you get rewarded, and your friends get a bonus too.

$2,000 Hit it & Split it

TwinSpires presents the “$2,000 Hit it & Split it” promotion, offering a chance to play for your share of the $2,000 Late Pick-5 Jackpot at Presque Isle Downs.

You can opt in anytime during the promotional period and, on Mondays, successfully hit the late Pick-5 at Presque Isle Downs to qualify for a share of the $2,000 daily jackpot.

Suppose no player hits the late Pick-5 on Mondays. In that case, the racebook will evenly divide the $2,000 jackpot among the players who hit the most winning legs in the late Pick-5 wager.

Trifecta Tuesday

TwinSpires offers the “Trifecta Tuesday” promotion, where you can earn a 15% boost on your winning trifecta wagers every Tuesday. To participate, opt into the promotion at any time.

Opting in ensures you receive the 15% boost on your winning trifecta wagers. This promotion applies to races on Tuesdays during the promotional period. The 15% boost is applied only to your winnings (excluding the stake amount).

Twilight Thursday Leaderboard

TwinSpires invites you to participate in the thrilling “Twilight Thursday Leaderboard” competition, where you can play for your share of the $2,500 weekly jackpot at Churchill Downs. This promotion takes place every Thursday.

Qualifying wagers for this promotion are your first $10+ straight single Win wager on each race. For each race, a maximum of 100 points will be available. First place earns 100 points, second place earns 50 points, and third place earns 25 points.

The top five players with the most points each week will win a share of the $2,500 weekly jackpot.

Rest of the World Money Back

Take advantage of the “Rest of the World Money Back” promotion at TwinSpires, where you can get your money back if your horse finishes second in select international races.

Opt into the promotion, and if your horse finishes second in the selected international races, you will receive your money back. The maximum refund per race is $10, which is excellent for second place.

Hoosier Park $10 Money Back

Opt into the exciting “Hoosier Park $10 Money Back” promotion at TwinSpires and enjoy the opportunity to get up to $10 back on your first single horse win bet if your horse finishes second in all eligible races at Hoosier Park.

The maximum refund is $10 if your selection finishes second, regardless of the amount wagered. If your horse finishes third, you will also receive a $10 refund.

BC Challenge Bankroll Builder

Join the exciting “BC Challenge Bankroll Builder” promotion at TwinSpires and have a chance to boost your bankroll with a cash bonus payout.

Wager the following amounts during the duration of the selected races to receive the designated bonus:

  • Bet $2,500 or more and get a $500 bonus
  • Bet $5,000 or more and get a $1,000 bonus
  • Bet $7,500 or more and get a $1,500 bonus

Cumulative bets count toward this offer, meaning you can place multiple wagers to reach the required amount.

These promotions rarely need a TwinSpires offer code, which is nice.

Is TwinSpires legal in Maryland?

If you’re wondering whether the TwinSpires app or site is legal in Maryland, the answer is a resounding “yes.” TwinSpires, launched by Churchill Downs Incorporated, the company behind the renowned Kentucky Derby, has been operating as an online racebook since 2007. Thanks to a federal law permitting on-track betting at various courses across the United States, TwinSpires has long provided a secure and trusted platform for horse racing enthusiasts.

How to create a TwinSpires account in Maryland

Joining TwinSpires in Maryland is a breeze. You can enjoy the excitement of online horse race wagering in just a few simple steps:

  • Follow any link on this page to launch TwinSpires.
  • Click the “Join Now” button.
  • Fill in your first name, last name, and email address.
  • Enter the offer code BET200 on the TwinSpires site to be eligible for the $200 sign-up bonus.
  • Provide your address.
  • Enter your ZIP code, city, and state.
  • Choose a username and password for your TwinSpires account.
  • Confirm you are at least 18 years old.
  • Enter your date of birth and the last four digits of your Social Security number.
  • Provide your cell phone number for account verification purposes.
  • Finally, click “Sign Up” to complete the registration process.

With these simple steps, you’ll be all set to enjoy the thrilling world of horse race betting on the TwinSpires app and website.

Types of bets available at TwinSpires online horse betting

TwinSpires accepts a wide range of wager types, including singles and multiway bets. Let’s take a closer look at each category and the bets available within them.


Singles are individual bets where you choose a specific outcome in a single race. The racebook accepts the following types of singles bets:

  • Win: With a win bet, you select a horse to finish first in the race. If your chosen horse wins, you win the bet.
  • Place: A place bet allows you to select a horse to finish first or second. If your chosen horse finishes in either of these positions, you win the bet.
  • Show: Show bets allow you to win if your selected horse finishes in the top three positions (first, second, or third).
  • Exacta: An exacta bet requires predicting the first two horses to finish the race in the exact order.
  • Quinella: A quinella bet allows you to choose two horses to finish first and second in any order.
  • Trifecta: In a trifecta bet, you must correctly predict the first three horses to finish the race in the exact order.
  • Superfecta: With a superfecta bet, you aim to predict the top four horses to finish the race in the exact order.
  • Daily Double: The daily double bet involves selecting the winners of two consecutive races.
  • Pick Three: In a pick three bet, you choose the winners of three consecutive races.

Multiway bets

Multiway bets, as the name suggests, involve multiple races or combinations of outcomes within a single race. The following multiway bets are available at TwinSpires:

  • Daily Double Wheel: This bet allows you to select multiple horses in one leg of the daily double and all possible horses in the other leg.
  • Trifecta Part Wheel: With a trifecta part wheel, you can have one or more horses in the first, second, and third positions.
  • Superfecta Part Wheel: Similar to the trifecta part wheel, the superfecta part wheel enables you to select key horses in any of the four positions.
  • Trifecta Box: A trifecta box bet covers all possible combinations of three horses finishing in the top three positions.
  • Superfecta Box: Similarly, a superfecta box bet covers all possible combinations of four horses finishing in the top four positions.
  • Pick Three Part Wheel: In a pick three part wheel, you select multiple horses in one or more legs of the pick three bet.

TwinSpires horse betting app

The TwinSpires mobile app offers horse racing enthusiasts a seamless and immersive betting experience. Available for iOS and Android platforms, the TwinSpires app provides users with a convenient way to access a wide range of betting options and real-time racing information.

With its intuitive interface, TwinSpires’ app allows users to easily navigate through different races, view live odds, place bets, and track their wagers. The TwinSpires app also offers exclusive features like handicapping tools, live streaming of races, and personalized notifications.

Whether you’re a seasoned bettor or a novice, this mobile app ensures that you never miss a thrilling moment in the world of horse racing.

Race cards and statistics

At TwinSpires, racecards and statistics are vital to the betting experience, offering users a comprehensive overview of upcoming races and valuable insights to make informed wagering decisions. By selecting any race, you’ll head to the intuitive betting interface, where you can access a wealth of racing information, place bets, and even watch live racing videos.

TwinSpires presents seven distinct interfaces, each designed to cater to different user preferences and levels of information required. The Classic interface offers a simple layout, listing horses by number and facilitating quick wagering. The Basic interface builds upon this simplicity by including additional details such as horse names, weights, and jockeys.

For users seeking more in-depth analysis, the Advanced interface provides extensive information about each horse, including jockey win percentages, jockey records, trainer win rates, and trainer records. Then, the Speed interface displays each horse’s run style and various speed ratings. In contrast, the Class interface provides pre-race information, days off, prime power rating, last class, and average class.

What’s more, the Pace interface showcases each horse’s run style and various pace ratings, enabling users to assess their performance in different race scenarios. Additionally, the Tips interface presents expert recommendations for select horses, such as the “best bet” based on TwinSpires’ algorithm or the “clocker special” for horses with impressive recent workouts.

To enhance the betting experience further, TwinSpires customers can simultaneously watch live HD racing videos by accessing the track’s betting menu and selecting the video link. This feature allows users to stay engaged with the races while placing their bets.

For handicappers, the “Stats” tab offers a comprehensive selection of handicapping statistics across four categories: Post Position Bias, Track Bias Stats, Run Style Stats, and Success Rates. These statistics provide valuable insights into historical trends and patterns, helping users assess the competitive landscape of each race.

With its user-friendly interface and extensive range of information, TwinSpires ensures that users have all the tools they need to make informed decisions and enjoy a thrilling horse racing experience. So, while you are making the wagers needed for the full TwinSpires bonus code offer, you still have a decent chance to win, even as a novice.

TwinSpires Edge, expert tips, and analysis

TwinSpires goes beyond race cards and statistics to provide an additional layer of expertise and analysis through the TwinSpires Edge section on its website and app. This dedicated section offers a wealth of valuable information, including expert tips, in-depth analysis of races, news updates, and more.

TwinSpires Edge is a hub for horse racing enthusiasts seeking comprehensive insights into upcoming races. Users can access expert tips from seasoned handicappers, providing valuable recommendations on which horses to consider for their wagers. These expert tips are based on various factors, including past performances, current form, track conditions, jockey and trainer statistics, and other relevant data points.

Moreover, TwinSpires Edge offers a detailed analysis of races, giving users a deeper understanding of the competitive dynamics and potential outcomes. This analysis covers various aspects, such as the pace of the race, class levels, track biases, and notable contenders. By delving into these insights, users can make more informed decisions and potentially increase their chances of success.

In addition to tips and analysis, TwinSpires Edge keeps users updated with the latest news from the horse racing world, including information about upcoming races, changes in race conditions, notable horse and jockey updates, and other relevant developments that can impact race outcomes.

What can I bet on at TwinSpires?

At TwinSpires in Maryland, you can enjoy a comprehensive betting experience focused on horse racing. By specializing exclusively in horse racing for Maryland bettors, TwinSpires ensures users receive the best features, coverage, and tailored tips.

How to deposit and cash out on the TwinSpires app

TwinSpires offers a range of convenient deposit and cashout methods to cater to the diverse needs of its users.

First, let’s cover deposits, since if you want to take advantage of the TwinSpires offer code BET200, you will have to fund your account. Fortunately, when it comes to depositing funds into your TwinSpires account, you have several options.

EZMoney and EZBank/Mazooma allow deposits using the ACH process or online bill pay. Credit card deposits require a Visa or MasterCard from a compatible banking institution. Other deposit methods include GreenDot @ the Register, Moneygram, PayNearMe, Apple Pay, bank wire transfers, on-site deposits, checks, and money orders.

For cashing out your winnings, TwinSpires offers withdrawal options such as ACH transfer to your bank account, check by mail, or on-site withdrawals at designated locations.

TwinSpires payment options

  • EZMoney: Free depositing option using the ACH process
  • EZBank/Mazooma: Free depositing option using online bill pay
  • Credit Card: $5 flat fee for all deposits
  • GreenDot @ the Register: Fee of $4.95 or more for each deposit, varying by merchant
  • Moneygram: Fee of $3.95 or more for each deposit, varying by merchant
  • PayNearMe: Fee of $3.99 or more for each deposit, varying by merchant
  • Apple Pay: $5 flat fee for all deposits
  • Bank Wire Transfer: Free depositing option for deposits over $1000; $10 fee for deposits under $1000
  • On-Site Deposits: Free of charge at designated locations
  • Check or Money Orders: No fee for depositing, including cashier’s, certified, personal, and traveler’s checks
  • PayPal: Fees may apply based on PayPal’s terms and conditions

How to contact TwinSpires customer support

Players can easily contact the customer support team of TwinSpires through various channels. The support team is available from 9 a.m. to midnight ET. Here’s how players can get in touch:

  • Live chat
  • Phone via Player Services at 877-774-7371
  • Email at [email protected]
  • Fax inquiries to 859-223-9141
  • Mail by post

Additionally, TwinSpires provides a comprehensive FAQ section on both its website and the TwinSpires MD mobile app. Here, players can find answers to common questions before reaching out to customer support.

What TwinSpires brings to the table

TwinSpires is a comprehensive and user-friendly platform for horse racing enthusiasts. With TwinSpires, users can access a wide range of features and benefits. They can enjoy live streaming of races, in-depth race cards and statistics, expert tips and analysis, and various betting options.

TwinSpires also offers a convenient mobile app for iOS and Android devices, ensuring users can enjoy the platform on the go. Additionally, the online racebook provides:

  • Multiple deposit and cashout methods
  • Reliable customer support
  • A wealth of information to enhance the betting experience

Overall, TwinSpires brings a complete package for horse racing fans, delivering excitement, convenience, and valuable resources in one place.

TwinSpires Maryland FAQs

For the current welcome bonus, the offer code is BET200. As for TwinSpires’ frequent promotions and bonuses for existing players, we recommend visiting the website or the TwinSpires app. Also, keep checking TwinSpires’ promotional emails or social media channels.

The quickest way to deposit funds into your TwinSpires account is by using the EZMoney or EZBank/Mazooma options, which allow instant transfers. For cashouts, electronic methods like EZMoney or bank wire transfers are typically faster than physical checks, as they involve less processing time.

TwinSpires is available to residents of many US states. However, certain states may have specific regulations or restrictions, so it’s essential to check the legal requirements in your state before betting. If you’re using the Maryland TwinSpires app, you must be physically present in the state.

TwinSpires app location restrictions are in place to comply with state regulations. Bypassing these restrictions would violate the terms of service. In short, you can’t.

The withdrawal processing time at TwinSpires can vary depending on the withdrawal method. Electronic methods like EZMoney or bank wire transfers typically take a few business days to process. In contrast, physical checks may take longer due to mailing times.

Yes, you can gamble on horse races in Maryland. However, it’s important to comply with legal requirements and age restrictions set by the state and the platform.

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