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Risk Free BetsRisk Free Bets$2,000$2,000

Disclaimer: PointsBet Sportsbook is not yet live in Maryland. This review is speculative based on the PointsBet offering in other states and will be updated when it launches in MD.

PointsBet Sportsbook offers some of the most distinct betting options of any online sportsbook in Maryland, and that’s in addition to having perhaps the fastest sports betting app in the state.

In addition, PointsBet offers a welcome bonus of two risk-free bets to new customers. This page will explain that offer as well as going over additional PointsBet promotions, the various ways you can bet on the site and how it stacks up against other online sportsbooks in the state. As part of that, we’ll also cover PointsBetting, the sportsbook’s namesake way to wager that multiplies your winnings and losses by how right or wrong your bets are.

Why Choose PointsBet Sportsbook in Maryland
  • Innovative sportsbook with unique pointsbetting option
  • Risk free bets worth up to $2,000
  • Native app for iOS and Android devices
  • Wide range of betting markets
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PointsBet promo code Maryland 2022

To qualify for PointsBet’s welcome bonus, enter the code BETBONUS when you sign up for an account. When you do, both your first fixed odds bet and your first PointsBetting bet will be risk-free. The fixed odds bet is eligible for a refund of up to $500, and the PointsBetting wager for up to $1,500. Any refunds will arrive in your account as free bet credits.

Online SportsbookPointsBet Sportsbook Maryland
PointsBet Maryland Promo CodeBETBONUS
Risk-Free PointsBetting Bet Up to $1,500
Risk-Free Fixed Odds BetUp to $500
Online Since2021 in Maryland
Last UpdatedJuly 2022

PointsBet MD welcome bonus – how the risk-free bet works

The PointsBet Sportsbook welcome bonuses are pretty straightforward, but there are also some important details. Here are the key factors once you’ve created an account and entered the BETBONUS code.

  • Only your first fixed odds bet and first PointsBetting wager are eligible for the refunds.
  • If you place bets on the opposite side (i.e., betting on both sides of the spread) you will be ineligible for the refund. You also can’t utilize the stop loss option on the PointsBetting wager.
  • If one of your initial bets wins, that risk-free offer disappears. It does not carry over until you lose.
  • Your fixed odds bet is risk-free for up to $500 and your PointsBetting wager is risk-free for up to $1,500. You can bet and lose more than those numbers, but you won’t receive anything for losses over those totals.

PointsBet issues refunds within 24 hours, and the refund will arrive in your account as a free bet equal in value to your losing wager. The free bet expires 30 days after the sportsbook issues it. When you click on any free bet at PointsBet, you can see the day it expires.

You can use the free bet as it is or divide it into two, three or four bets.

The free bet itself will not be part of any winnings you get back from it. This can be very consequential if you use a free bet on a wager with short odds. Take for example a $100 free bet at -500 odds. You would end up receiving $20 in your account if the bet wins.

Is the PointsBet welcome bonus worth it?

Yes, we definitely believe PointsBet’s welcome bonus is worthwhile. It might be a trifle discouraging to receive free bets as refunds, especially considering you don’t get their value back if they win. However, this is typical of most similar bonuses at online sportsbooks in Maryland.

Can I trust PointsBet Sportsbook?

Yes, PointsBet is a safe and trustworthy sportsbook. Despite being a relatively new company, having launched in 2017, it has established itself as one of the best oddsmakers in the US in a very short time.

Furthermore, Maryland’s Sports Wagering Application Review Commission thoroughly vets each company that it grants a sports wagering license to. If there was anything illegitimate about PointsBet, then it wouldn’t receive a betting license.

Age and location rules for Maryland sports betting

You’ll need to meet Maryland’s age limit to legally gamble at PointsBet. The sportsbook will verify your age when you open an account.

When using online sportsbooks you also must be in the state when placing bets. PointsBet’s app/website will check your location using geolocation technology. If you’re not in Maryland, you won’t be able to bet.

Getting started at PointsBet Maryland sports betting

Signing up with PointsBet Sportsbook is no more complicated than creating a social media account. The whole thing shouldn’t take more than five minutes. To get started, select “Sign Up Now” on the PointsBet site, and a pop-up will ask which state you are in. After choosing Maryland, you’ll fill out the registration form. You’ll need to supply the following details:

  • Name
  • Home address
  • Phone number
  • Email
  • Date of birth
  • Last four digits of your Social Security number

In addition to entering a password, make sure to enter BETBONUS into the promo code field if it does not auto-populate. The only thing left will be making a deposit so that you can start betting.

How do I download the PointsBet Maryland app?

PointsBet has one of the best mobile apps in the industry, and you can download it for free to Android and Apple. To do so, head to the PointsBet site via one of our links, sign in and scroll down until you see the section for apps. Then select “Download for Android” or “Download on the App Store” depending on your device. Follow any additional instructions from there to finish the process and get the app on your device.

Where do I find PointsBet MD promotions?

To see the live promotions at PointsBet, all you have to do is click on the promos link under the main menu. Once you’re there, you have the option of scrolling through all promotions or you can choose a header to see only select types. You can filter by sport or choose different categories like money back, booster odds, or rewards.

How do daily odds boosts work at PointsBet?

Daily odds boosts at PointsBet are pretty similar to what you’ll find at many other Maryland sportsbooks. PointsBet chooses a few bets each day — some singles, some parlays — and increases the odds on them. PointsBet displays both the original odds and the new, boosted odds so you can see what kind of an increase you’re getting. The max wager for booster bets is $50.

Does PointsBet offer parlay insurance or parlay boosts?

It has both. Parlay insurance offers vary, but often your same-game parlays will be refunded if only one leg out of a parlay of four-plus legs loses. The final odds for your parlay bet also have to be +100 or greater to be eligible, and you only get one refund per day.

As for parlay boosts, at PointsBet you get a pair of booster tokens a day. One is for SGPs and one is for regular multi-game parlays. To use a parlay token, you have to click the booster option in your betting slip when creating a parlay. There are no limits for minimum or maximum odds for the tokens, but the parlays must be at least three legs. Your profits will increase by about 10%, and you can’t carry tokens over, so you will never get more or less than two a day.

PointsBet’s reward club

You accrue points for every bet you place at PointsBet, and you can redeem those points for free bets once you’ve accumulated at least 200. Here’s a breakdown of how you earn points:

  • $1 in parlay betting = one point.
  • $5 in fixed odds betting = one point.
  • Each dollar lost or won on PointsBetting = one point.

Then when you redeem your points, every 100 points will get you $1 in free bets. While this is a small amount, keep in mind a lot of online sportsbooks do not have loyalty clubs at all.

Why should I choose the PointsBet Sportsbook app?

PointsBet offers several good reasons to make it your online sportsbook in Maryland.

Quality promotions

One of the biggest differences among online sportsbooks is the quality of the promotions each one has to offer. PointsBet’s promos are some of the best and most plentiful in the industry. In addition to its regular promotions, in 2021 PointsBet began offering “double your money” bonuses from time to time. These are bets that are all but guaranteed to happen. Bets are capped at $10, but with +100 odds you end up doubling your money.

Variety of bets

If all you want to do is place over/unders, spread and moneyline wagers, then this may not appeal to you. But for everyone else the sheer number of bets you can place at PointsBet is staggering. When you click on a game, you’ll see options for fixed odds, single-game parlays, PointsBetting and teasers. Then under each are a slew of additional choices.

Sportsbook app

In addition to everything else, PointsBet also has perhaps the fastest sports betting app there is. While speed is important, PointsBet’s app also is easy to navigate, meaning placing bets should be no hassle for new or experienced bettors.

What won’t I like about the PointsBet sports betting app?

While PointsBet has several strong points, there still are some areas where it could improve.

No customer service phone number

If you do experience any issues with PointsBet, your only options for getting help are emailing, starting a live chat or looking through articles on the help page. Adding a phone option would be great.

Less than stellar prop odds

This isn’t a constant problem, but at times some of the odds on prop bets at PointsBet can be a little lackluster. This is somewhat surprising because when it comes to spreads, moneylines and totals, PointsBet’s odds are often some of the best you’ll find.

Potential for massive losses

This is more something you should be aware of as opposed to an actual shortcoming, and it just refers to PointsBetting. There are PointsBetting markets where placing a $1 bet can result in a loss of $2,000 or more. You will always see what your potential max winnings and losses are, but make sure to double-check those numbers before wagering.

What is PointsBetting?

Fixed odds betting means your odds are locked in when you place a bet. You know how much you’ll win if you’re right and how much you’ll lose if you’re wrong. With PointsBetting, however, your losses and wins aren’t set; they will vary according to how precise your wagers are.

For example, let’s say the over/under for a Baltimore RavensWashington Football Team game is 51.5 with -110 odds. If you bet $11 on the over and the total ends up at 61, you’d win $10. However, if the PointsBetting over was 51 and you bet $11 on it, you would win $110. That’s because PointsBetting multiplies your stake by how right or wrong your bet is.

How much can you win or lose with PointsBetting?

A lot. Each PointsBetting market is different, but some can cost you as much as 2,000 times your original stake. That’s why all markets have caps on how much you can win or lose.

When you click on a bet, you’ll see a max win and max loss level near the “Place Bet” button. Once you enter your stake, it will show you how much you stand to win or lose. You might not even be able to place the bet if you don’t have enough funds to cover potential losses.

That’s also why some markets also include a stop loss slider. The slider lets you limit your potential wins and losses. Using our over/under example from above, you would be able to adjust the slider from 40x all the way down to 10x.

Who is PointsBetting designed for?

While PointsBetting can be fun for many, if you’re more risk averse or you simply don’t like not knowing how much money you might lose on any given bet, then PointsBetting might not be for you. The main thing with PointsBetting is always checking your max wins and losses. As long as you are happy with what you stand to win or lose, you should be fine.

What kind of bets can I place at PointsBet online betting?

PointsBet also offers all the traditional sports betting markets that you’ll find at other Maryland sportsbooks. Here is how odds appear on the site along with an explanation of how each wager works.

Washington Football Team+6.5 (-110)Over 53.5 (-110)+230
Baltimore Ravens-6.5 (-110)Under 53.5 (-110) -291

Point spread betting

When betting on point spreads, your concern is what the final margin of victory will be. In this example the Ravens are favored by 6.5 points, as indicated by the negative number. For a bet on the Ravens to win, they need to win by more than the spread, so they need to win by seven or more.

Washington is the underdog, so it needs to avoid losing by seven or more. A bet on Washington wins if the team loses but keeps the margin to six points or fewer, or if it wins the game outright.

You also have to consider the odds when betting against the spread. In this case both teams are listed at -110. That means a bet of $110 would make a profit of $100.

Betting on totals

First off, totals and over/unders are the same thing. These are wagers on the combined total score of a game. Here the number is 53.5. If the final score is Baltimore 30, Washington 15 then under bets would win since 45 is less than 53.5.

Betting the moneyline

If you don’t want to worry about margins of victory or total points scored, then betting on moneylines might be for you. All you are doing here is betting on which team wins. In the example above, if you bet on favored Baltimore, it would take a bet of $291 to make a $100 profit. If you bet on underdog Washington, a $100 bet would win you $230. As you can see, betting on underdogs carries more profit potential than betting on favorites, which makes sense as a win by an underdog is a rarer occurrence.

Making prop bets

Props are wagers on whether specific events will occur during games. For wagering on football games, that could be betting on a player to score a touchdown. For baseball betting, it could be wagering on whether a player will hit a home run. Another option is wagering on which team will score first. You’ll find many, many more prop options at PointsBet.

Parlays and other multi-bets

A parlay allows you to combine multiple single bets as one wager. This can greatly increase your potential profits. The drawback with parlays is that if any of your single bets is wrong, you win nothing. The same is true for teasers, which are parlays with spread bets that allow you to adjust the lines in your favor. A third option is a round robin wager, which allows you to miss a pick and still win some money.

Futures bets at PointsBet

Futures allow you to wager on season-long events like a team’s total wins or which team will a major tournament. Examples include Super Bowl winner odds, Stanley Cup winner odds, World Series winner odds, or other overall championships. PointsBet also has futures for players to win the MVP or other individual awards.

Live betting

PointsBet is one of many online sportsbooks that also offers wagering on games that have already started. So whether you just didn’t get your pregame wager in on time or you want to watch and bet on an event at the same time, you can do it at PointsBet.

The bigger and more popular the game, the more live betting options you are likely to find. Just like with pregame wagering, you can see all your betting choices by clicking on games individually.

Can I bet on the Orioles at PointsBet Sportsbook MD?

Yes, PointsBet has a variety of bets for the Baltimore Orioles along with all other MLB teams. In addition to all the wagers from above, you will have some extra PointsBetting options unique to baseball games.

  • Total hits: Here you are betting on how many hits both teams will combine for in a game. If you bet $10 on fewer than 16 and there are just six hits total, you would win $100.
  • Individual hitter performance: A few players will be listed for each game, usually with an over/under of around 30. You’ll get 50 points for each home run, 30 per triple, 20 per double, 10 per single, and 10 per walk. So, if you bet $10 on the over and your guy goes 0-for-4 with no walks, you’d end up losing $300.
  • Runs x hits x errors: You wager on the total runs multiplied by the total hits multiplied by the total errors. The key here is that if there are zero errors in a game, which doesn’t occur as often as you might think, then the final number is zero. A high-scoring game with a couple of errors, meanwhile, can result in a four-digit total.

How do I get money on (and off!) PointsBet online sportsbook quickly?

Here are all your current choices for depositing and withdrawing funds at PointsBet in Maryland.


Deposit MethodMinimum AmountProcessing Time
Debit/Credit Card$10Instant
ACH (e-check) No MinimumInstant
Online Bank TransferNo Minimum1-2 Days
PayPalNo MinimumInstant
PayNearMeNo MinimumInstant
Play+ Prepaid Debit CardNo MinimumInstant


Withdrawal MethodMinimum AmountProcessing Time
ACH (e-check)Limit Set by Bank1-2 Days
Online Bank Transfer  No Minimum1-2 Days
PayPalNo Minimum1-2 Days

How do I get help at PointsBet Sportsbook?

If you run into any issues at PointsBet and it’s not super urgent, you can email [email protected] If you need more immediate assistance, you’ll want to sign in to your account and start a live chat with a PointsBet representative.

If you want to try to find a solution on your own, scroll to the bottom of any PointsBet page and select “Help.” You can then browse various categories or explore using the search bar at the top of the page.

How do I exclude myself from PointsBet?

To start, click the link for responsible gambling located at the bottom of every PointsBet page. From there, you should see a box labeled “Cool Off/Self Exclusion.” You can decide to cool off for a period of three, seven, or 30 days. By clicking “Self Exclude,” you can ban yourself completely from PointsBet. You can still withdraw money after making any of these selections.

There also are buttons for limiting how much you can deposit or spend during set periods. There is another for how much time you can be logged into the PointsBet app and website.

To learn more, check our Maryland responsible gambling page.

Can I bet with PointsBet MD Sportsbook in person?

Right now, there have not been any announcements about PointsBet opening a retail sportsbook in Maryland. That does not mean it won’t happen, though. If and when PointsBet opens a brick-and-mortar sportsbook in the Old Line State, we’ll update this page with the details.

How does PointsBet compare to other Maryland sportsbooks?

PointsBet is a fantastic online sportsbook, and we consider it one of the top options for Maryland sports bettors.

PointsBet’s risk-free bets up to $2,000 for new users are a solid welcome bonus, and the promotions for existing users are good as well. The FanDuel Maryland app and DraftKings Maryland are probably the only sportsbooks with as many quality promotions. Still, neither one offers the two daily parlay booster tokens that PointsBet does.

Overall, there is a lot to like about PointsBet and not much to complain about.