World Series Betting Odds

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For Washington Nationals fans in Maryland, it may seem like just yesterday that the Nats swept the St. Louis Cardinals on the way to the team’s first World Series appearance. Then Stephen Strasburg pitched the team into history, helping the Nationals beat the Houston Astros in seven games to win the title.

If it seems like yesterday, that’s because it practically was, 2019 to be precise. And a lot closer to yesterday than the Baltimore Orioles’ last World Series appearance and win, which was in 1983.

That’s probably why hope rises every spring and into the fall across Maryland, where legal sports betting has arrived. To get started, we will introduce you to the key facets of World Series odds and betting in Maryland.

Live 2021 World Series odds

Below you’ll find World Series futures odds throughout the offseason, spring training, the MLB regular season, and into the postseason. Once the AL and NL champions are crowned, this is also where you’ll find the World Series betting odds and lines for each individual game from Maryland’s top online sportsbooks. Keep up with the latest odds on Maryland’s local teams winning the World Series right here.

How MLB World Series betting works

You can place World Series futures bets all year long at MLB sportsbooks in Maryland. Odds on all 30 MLB teams come out in the offseason and remain available through spring training, the regular season, and the postseason until the World Series is set to start. You book any bet you place at the currently posted odds, and even though the World Series betting lines might change throughout the year, you lock them in at the time you place your MLB bet.

The sports betting odds will change throughout the year based on roster moves, performance, and betting action. As teams fall out of mathematical contention for a spot in the postseason, they drop from the available wagers, and the odds shrink on the real contenders. That means the odds will be bigger on those real contenders the earlier you bet.

Sportsbooks will base opening futures odds on past performance, future projections, and the possible impact of roster additions and subtractions. Once the schedule reaches the playoffs, the odds tighten even further, moving with each game and series until the American League and National League each crown a champion.

That sets the World Series matchup, and you will be able to place series bets and moneyline, run line, total bets, and props for every individual game at Maryland’s best betting sites. This includes the likes of FanDuel, DraftKings, and Unibet, as well as Caesars and BetMGM.

How are World Series odds set?

Oddsmakers set the odds for World Series futures by looking at team performance last season, future projections, and the potential impact of any offseason moves. They also consider historical performance data and potential betting pattern projections.

Ultimately, the odds aim to encourage relatively equal betting, so sportsbooks can make a small profit off the vigorish and have no need to sweat the results. They change the lines if one team is seeing a large share of the bets. They’ll also adjust the odds throughout the season based on how teams are playing and in-season roster changes.

MLB World Series prop bets

World Series betting begins with the futures market, but it certainly doesn’t end there. Once the World Series matchup is set, you can bet on the series itself, and game lines for every game. That means moneyline betting, run lines, and total bets, plus prop betting.

World Series props give you the chance to bet on the statistical performance of the players in the series in each game and the series as a whole. Plus, you can place bets on who will win the World Series MVP award at odds that shift throughout the series.

The LA Dodgers’ Corey Seager won the 2020 World Series MVP, paying off at +175 ahead of the final game, but the odds on Seager to win ahead of the series were as high as +1,200.

More MLB futures

Here are some other baseball futures bets you’ll find at Maryland sportsbooks: