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Disclaimer: WynnBET is not currently available in Maryland. This preview is speculative based on the WynnBET app in other states, and will be updated once WynnBET SPortsbook launches in Maryland.

As Maryland joins other states with legal sports betting, people in the state will have a variety of sportsbooks to choose from. Among those choices, WynnBET could be a good option. WynnBET has a unique welcome bonus where you must deposit at least $100, place a bet of $100 (minimum odds -120), and once it settles, you’ll get a $100 free bet.

This page will go over WynnBET’s app and the welcome bonus the sportsbook will provide when you sign up, along with how to make deposits, the kinds of wagers you can place and of course how to cash out your winnings. Continue reading so you can get your Ravens and Orioles bets fired up ASAP.

Why Choose WynnBet Sportsbook Maryland
  • Welcome Bonus: Bet $100, Get $100 free bet
  • A variety of ways to wager and sports to bet on.
  • Bet on sports using your phone or tablet.
  • Top notch customer support and FAQ
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WynnBET Maryland promo code 2022

Sign up for a WynnBET Sportsbook account in Maryland to claim the welcome bonus worth up to $100. Keep reading to find out precisely how this sign-up offer works.

Maryland SportsbookWynnBet Sportbook MD
Wynn Maryland Promo CodeNone needed
Welcome BonusBet $100, Get $100 free bet
Terms$100 qualifying bet must have minimum odds of -120
Launch DateLate 2022/Early 2023
Last UpdatedDecember 2022

WynnBET welcome bonus details

Claiming WynnBET’s welcome bonus isn’t too complicated, you don’t even need a WynnBET promo code. Here’s what you need to do to qualify:

  • You must deposit at least $100 into your account.
  • Next, you must place a bet for at least $100 with minimum odds of -120.
  • You’ll be awarded a $100 free bet once it settles.

This is an interesting welcome bonus. The negative is that you must make a $100 bet to qualify and the odds restriction of -120 is fairly stringent. However, it’s also slightly better than some risk-free bonuses because you don’t need to lose your opening wager to receive a bonus.

Can I trust WynnBET Sportsbook?

Without a doubt, WynnBET is a legitimate sportsbook that has the backing of one of the top names in the gambling industry, Wynn Resorts. WynnBET has online sportsbooks licensed and running in six states (Indiana, Tennessee, Virginia, Michigan, Colorado and New Jersey) with more likely to launch by the time it goes live in Maryland.

Focusing on Maryland, WynnBET will need to receive a mobile sports betting license from the Sports Wagering Application Review Commission before it can debut. But since there are upward of 60 licenses to be had in the state, that should not be a problem.

While nothing is set in stone, it is likely that the legal Maryland sports betting age in the state will be 21. In addition, you will need to enable geolocation on the device you use to bet to prove that you are within Maryland.

Getting started at WynnBET Maryland Sportsbook

To sign up, grab your tablet or smartphone and open the WynnBET Maryland app. You then just need to click the “Register” button and enter the following personal information:

  • Name
  • Home address
  • Cellphone number
  • Email
  • Date of birth
  • Social Security number (last four digits)

Then there are some boxes to check, verifying that you’re at least 21 years old, that all the info you entered is correct and that you’ve read the terms and conditions.

Downloading the WynnBET app

You can download the WynnBET app for either iOS or Android devices. It’s free, and the installation process is a breeze.

To start with, head to the WynnBET website using your device’s mobile browser. Next you’ll need to select the Maryland button because WynnBET has different apps for each state where it operates. If you’re using an Apple product, click “Download for iOS,” which will open the App Store. If you’re using an Android phone or tablet, choose “Download for Android,” which opens the Google Play Store.

From there you can click the appropriate button to download and install the app on your device. As soon as it’s done, you can begin using it right away.

Where do I find Wynn BET Sportsbook promotions?

Wynn BET promotions are available by opening the app and scrolling through the large display in the center of the screen. At the moment, however, you won’t find too many promotions listed there.

You’ll see the risk-free first bet that we discussed above. Other than that, though, the only other promotion is WynnBET’s Spin the Wheel promotion:

  • Spin the Wheel: It costs five Wynn Chips to spin the WynnBET prize wheel. You’ll receive chips based on the size of your first deposit, and then more for every losing sports bet you place, at a rate of 0.35 times your bet amount. There are a variety of prizes available at any time on the wheel. Most of them are for sportsbook free bets in Maryland, insurance offers and odds boosts. You’ll also sometimes have a chance to win free stays at Wynn Resort properties around the world.

We’re hopeful that Wynn BET Sportsbook will begin running more promotions that benefit sports bettors in the future.

Reasons to choose WynnBET Maryland

The fact that the Sports Wagering and Application Commission is going to award as many as 60 sportsbook licenses in Maryland means you are likely to have plenty of betting options to choose from. Here is a rundown of three reasons to consider WynnBET MD.

  • Ease of betting: Whether you’re a new or experienced bettor, WynnBET makes it easy to bet and offers plenty of variety in the bets you can place. Its bet slip clearly displays your odds and stake and makes it easy to place multi-bets like parlays and round robins.
  • Help desk: When trying out a new sportsbook, it’s nice to know that customer service is there to assist you, and that’s exactly the case at WynnBET Sportsbook. The chat feature is available 24/7, and you can also call or email for help.

What could WynnBET Sports do better?

It’s also good to know about some of the things that WynnBET could stand to improve.

  • App only: For many, not having a website to place bets on might not be a problem at all, but it could be a deal breaker for others. If you’re in front of a computer all day, it might be inconvenient to always have to pull out your phone to make bets.
  • Lack of promotions: The promos are few and far between, and there’s no loyalty club, either. Yes, you do get Wynn Chips for losing bets, but nothing for winning bets.
  • No same-game parlays: More and more sportsbooks are offering same-game parlays, but WynnBET is not yet among them. Pretty much all other betting options are available, but the lack of same-game parlays definitely is noticeable.

What kind of bets can I place at WynnBET Sports Book?

Bets of all shapes and sizes are available at WynnBET Sportsbook. When you log into the WynnBET app, you’ll see games displayed with point spreads, moneylines and totals bets on the main page. Here is what one will look like.

  • Baltimore Ravens                -4.5 (-110)                  -188                O 48.5 (-110)
  • Pittsburgh Steelers            +4.5 (-110)                 +158               U 48.5 (-110)

How point spreads work

Point spreads aim to even the playing field between teams. In this example, the Ravens are favored by 4.5 points, so to cover the spread, Baltimore needs to win by five points or more. Bets on the Steelers will win if Pittsburgh loses by four points or fewer or wins outright. As for the -110 number, those are the odds and they mean you need to bet $110 to win $100.

How the moneyline works

Moneyline bets are wagers on one of the teams to win the game. Baltimore is favored, so a successful bet on the Ravens will win you less than a successful bet of the same amount on the Steelers. Negative numbers mean you have to bet that much money to win $100. Positive numbers mean a $100 wager will return that much if you win.

How totals work

Totals or over/under bets are wagers on the combined points from both teams in a game. In this example, if the teams combine for more than 48.5 points, over bets win. Fewer than 48.5, and under bets win.

Other betting options

Props are side bets that are separate from the overall outcome of a game. For the game above, you might see the following proposition bet examples:

  • Lamar Jackson to score the first touchdown: +400.
  • Ben Roethlisberger passing yards: over/under 247.5.
  • Will there be overtime: yes +1400, no -6000.

If you want to combine individual bets to increase your potential payout, two options you have are to build parlays and round robins. Parlays require getting all of your bets correct, while you can miss a round robin selection and not lose your entire bet.

It’s worth mentioning that parlays can be extremely tempting, but keep in mind that the reason the odds are so high is because they are so difficult to get correct.

Futures and live betting

Futures bets are long-term wagers that usually are not settled for weeks and months. An example of a futures bet would be betting on the Ravens to win the Super Bowl just prior to the start of the NFL season.

Then there’s live betting, which refers to betting on games as they are taking place. To find live betting options on the WynnBET Sportsbook app, click the button labeled “Live Now.”

Depending on the game and amount of time remaining, you’ll find many of the betting options listed above available. The biggest difference between live betting and pregame betting is that live betting odds change much more rapidly and by much larger amounts. For instance, if the Ravens are winning by six points in the third quarter and Lamar Jackson gets injured, you likely will see the odds shift dramatically.

Can I bet on the Baltimore Orioles at WynnBET Sportsbook?

Yes, you definitely can wager on the Baltimore Orioles at WynnBET, along with the rest of Major League Baseball. While you can make all the typical bets discussed above, you’ll also find wagers distinct to baseball such as the following:

  • To hit a home run: These can be some of the more fun baseball bets to make. You’re betting on an individual player to homer during the game.
  • First five innings: These are baseball bets that depend on the game’s starting pitcher. Maybe you like the Orioles starter, but don’t trust the bullpen. In that case, you could bet on Baltimore to be leading after five innings. The rest of the game doesn’t matter.
  • Bet by inning: You also can wager on individual inning results. There are multiple options, you can either bet on one team to win the inning or for it to be a draw. You also can wager on what the exact score will be for individual innings.
  • Strikeout wagers: These bets are almost always just for starting pitchers, and they are basic over/under bets. You might see something like John Means strikeouts: over/under 6.5.
  • Extra innings: A bet on whether there will be extra innings. As you might expect, betting that there will be extra innings gets you much higher odds than betting against there being extra innings.
  • Race to X runs: You also can bet on which team will score a certain number of runs first. For baseball games you usually have three choices, Team A, Team B or neither.

And you’ll find a similar number of betting options for the other top sports and teams in the area, including  WFT odds, Wizards odds, Nationals odds, Capitals odds, and, as we already mentioned, Ravens odds.

Banking options at Wynn BET Maryland

Getting money into and out of your Wynn sports betting account is relatively easy and possible to do remotely, as well. Here is a look at your options right now, with more deposit and withdrawal choices possible in the future.


Deposit MethodMinimum AmountProcessing Time
PayPal (bank accounts only)No minimum Instant
Credit/debit card(Visa or Mastercard)No minimum Instant
WynnBET Play+ Debit CardNo minimum Instant
ACH (e-check) No minimum Instant


Withdrawal MethodMinimum AmountProcessing Time
PayPal (bank accounts only)$103-5 Days
WynnBET Play+ Debit Card$103-5 Days
ACH (e-check) $103-5 Days

While cashing out can take as many as five days, it usually is much less than that, but five days still is a possibility.

WynnBET Maryland customer support

WynnBET has a quality help desk that offers you a variety of options if and when you run into any problems.

You can call 201-383-2837, email via the app or start a live chat, also through the app. If you want to call, the phone number is staffed from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Eastern Time, while the live chat is staffed 24 hours a day.

You also can go to the support page on the WynnBET Maryland app, where you will find frequently asked questions that might provide a solution for you right there.

Responsible gambling at WynnBET

You can set a number of limits on our WynnBET Sportsbook account as well as being able to exclude yourself entirely. Start by logging in to your WynnBET Sportsbook account. Then click on the logo in the upper left corner, which opens your account, and click on the link for responsible gambling.

Once there, you’ll see options to limit your deposits, spending and time. For each one, you can choose different amounts that will restrict how much you can deposit, spend or be on the WynnBET app each month, week or day.

Back on the main responsible gambling page you also can choose “cool off” or “self exclusion.” Cooling off lets you choose a time period of between three days and four weeks, and you won’t be able to access your account during this time.

Self exclusion gives you the option of banning yourself from all Wynn properties in Maryland for a period of one or five years.

Can I bet with WynnBET Sportsbook in person?

That depends on whether WynnBET opens a retail sportsbook in Maryland. As of right now it’s unclear if that will happen.

How does WynnBET compare to other sportsbooks in Maryland?

WynnBET Sportsbook is a quality option for Marylanders, but it would be a bit of an exaggeration to say it is the best choice out there. Despite that fact, it can be beneficial to have more than one online sportsbook account, and we think it is perfectly reasonable to have one of those accounts be with WynnBET.

Wynn Sports Book still has a solid welcome bonus, and its overall odds are good as well. The real key will be whether WynnBET can start offering more promotions to keep up with some of the top oddsmakers like FanDuel, BetMGM Sportsbook and DraftKings Sportsbook in Maryland.

WynnBET Sportsbook Maryland FAQs

You do not need a promo code to claim the top WynnBet welcome bonus worth up to $100. Sign up for WynnBET Maryland, deposit $100, and place a bet of $100 (minimum -120 odds) once the sportsbook goes live. And win or lose, you’ll get a $100 WynnBET free bet.

WynnBet was deemed qualified for a Maryland sports betting license and received initial approval on Dec. 1. Pending final approval, WynnBet will launch in Maryland in late December or early 2023.

This means Maryland sports bettors will soon be able to register with the app. To bet with WynnBet online sportsbook you’ll need to be at least 21 years of age and physically present in Maryland when placing bets.

Every sportsbook has its pros and cons — and these can vary based on user preference. Overall, we don’t consider WynnBET to be a better choice than Caesars. Caesars has a welcome bonus worth up to $1,250, compared to WynnBET’s $100. Additionally, Caesars has a superior app, website, and offers a better overall betting experience.

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