Masters Betting Odds

As the first major of the year, the Masters is arguably the most anticipated, especially for golf bettors. Masters odds are some of the most heavily bet all year alongside PGA Championship odds, U.S. Open odds, and The Open Championship.

Here’s how to bet on The Masters online in Maryland including the latest live Masters odds direct from Maryland online sportsbooks.

Latest 2024 Masters odds

See the latest odds for The Masters posted at online sportsbooks below. Use the drop-down menu to select the Masters odds board. Click on any odds in the table to go right to the sportsbook, claim your bonus and start betting.

Live golf betting on The Masters

The Masters typically lasts four days, but all the aforementioned bets are for before the tournament begins. While these bets will be locked until the winner is decided, sportsbooks will give you the opportunity to make more bets during the tournament.

As the tournament progresses, the Masters betting odds for the outright winner will change based on the current performance of all players. So, if you had a change of heart and want to place a bet on another player, or you noticed the player you originally backed now has more favorable odds, live betting is your new friend.

Almost all of the same bets from above can be made live, with the addition of betting on each of the four individual rounds and each of the 18 holes. An interesting live bet involves predicting the outcomes on Amen Corner, a famous part of the course with three difficult holes (11th, 12th, and 13th).

Maryland sportsbook apps tend to be very creative with live markets for The Masters, so you’ll surely find many other live bets available once the tournament kicks off.

Best Masters golf bets

Golf is a pretty straightforward sport, but betting on golf online can be more interesting than you might think.

The main betting market on The Masters is picking the outright winner. All players in the tournament will be assigned odds based on their rankings and the overall probability of their winning, as decided by the oddsmakers.

For this bet to pay off, the golfer you choose must win the tournament. If you want to make a bet that’s a little bit easier to get right, you can explore finishing position bets.

Instead of picking the winner, you just need to predict whether a player finishes in the top five, 10, 20, or top 40.

Another interesting bet that involves finishing positions is the straight forecast. With this bet, the goal is to predict the correct order of the top two finishing players. The each-way bet lets you take two separate bets, win and place. For the “win” part of the bet to be successful, a player must finish first, while winning “place” bet implies guessing that the player will either win or finish in one of the top places (top 3 or top 5, depending on the sportsbook’s rules).

A bet that has recently become very popular among golf bettor is the head-to-head. Here, you pick which of the two players in a matchup will finish higher. This is similar to a moneyline bet in other sports, but for it to be successful, a player does not have to win the tournament.

For example, if you place a bet on Golfer A and he finishes second while Golfer B ends up 10th, you will still win the bet.

Popular Masters prop bets

Prop betting on The Masters can be really fun and not necessarily include the finishing positions like the main bets.

One of the most popular golf props is “Will there be a hole-in-one?” It’s pretty self-explanatory, and you won’t need to pick which player gets the hole-in-one – just if it will occur anytime during the tournament.

Another common “yes or no” proposition bet on The Masters is “Will there be a playoff?”

Bettors can also predict the best finishing player by nationality/region including:

  • Top American player
  • Top European player
  • Top Australian player
  • Top Japanese player

Other popular Masters prop bets include:

  • First-round leader
  • To make the cut
  • Best finisher in a three-player group
  • Nationality of the winner
  • Number of players under par

Boosted odds for Masters Tournament

The Masters is a time when sportsbooks fight doggedly for the attention of golf bettors. This is why they will often have special promotions prepared just for the tournament. One of the top Maryland sports betting promos available is the odds boost, a bet that comes with enhanced odds.

Odds boosts won’t be found on every market at The Masters, and they might only involve specific players. For example, you may find enhanced odds on Phil Mickelson to win or Jon Rahm to shoot better than 71 in the fourth round.

In any case, taking advantage of the odds boost is always a great idea if you already planned to make a similar bet. Taking the bet under enhanced odds can give you a significantly higher payout potential and will lower the house edge.

Masters betting trends & handicapping advice

There are many ways to increase your chances of successfully predicting the outcome of The Masters, and one of them is to look at tournament trends. Considering the last 10 editions of The Masters, here are three trends that stand out:

  • Mind the top 30: All winners of The Masters in the previous 10 years were top 30 in the world rankings, with eight from the top 20. However, only three of the previous 10 winners were from the top 10. The best-ranked player won only once (Dustin Johnson in 2020).
  • Newcomers almost never win Plenty of talented young golfers compete at The Masters for the first time, but first place is usually reserved for more experienced players. The last 10 winners have had at least one showing at The Masters prior to their win, with eight of them playing at least three times. What’s more, seven of the last 10 winners had a top 10 finish on The Masters before their win. Finally, five of the last 10 were age 32 or older.
  • Back-to-back wins are extremely rare — If a player wins The Masters, it’s natural to feel pretty good about their chances the next year. However, none of the previous 10 winners came to the tournament as a defending champ. As a matter of fact, there are only three players in the history of the tournament who were able to defend the title, the last one being Tiger Woods. He went back-to-back in 2001 and 2002.

Tiger Woods Masters odds

Tiger Woods is arguably the greatest and most famous golfer of all time. Even people who know nothing about golf likely know the American who dominated the sport for over 10 years and racked up more than 100 professional wins.

Tiger sits comfortably at the top of the all-time money list, with career earnings that exceed a staggering $120 million. After not winning any majors for almost 11 years and missing the entire 2016 and 2017, Woods returned with a bang and claimed his 15th major trophy at The Masters in 2019. He also won The Masters in 1997, 2001, 2002, and 2005.

As a result of these tremendous results, Woods’ Masters odds were often inflated beyond his actual skill at that time. So, even though he was a fan favorite, it was difficult to get fair value on bets for him to win the event. If he’s in the Master field, though, expect him to draw some heavy betting action—even in the wake of his career-threatening car crash.

Top Maryland golfers at The Masters

Always hosted in Georgia, the Masters always has a large pool of American players, with some from Maryland. Throughout the history of the tournament, several Maryland-based players have had success, although none ended up the winner.

The best results among Maryland players were recorded by:

  • Mike Reid (6th in 1989)
  • Donnie Hammond (T11 in 1986)
  • Wiffy Cox (12th in 1937)
  • Fred Funk (T17 in 1997)

The Masters tournament details

  • Established: 1934
  • Location: Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, Georgia
  • Month played: April
  • Length: 7,475 yards (18 holes)
  • Par: 72
  • Tours: PGA Tour, European Tour, Japan Golf Tour
  • Broadcasting networks: CBS and ESPN

Masters FAQ

Why do they award a green jacket at The Masters?

The green jacket has been traditionally awarded to the champion of the Masters since 1949. The champ must return it one year after his win, after which the jacket is stored at the club’s special cloakroom.

Who hit the last hole-in-one at The Masters?

There are only 32 holes-in-one in the history of The Masters, with the last one by Tommy Fleetwood at the 2021 edition of the tournament.

Has The Masters ever been played on a different course?

The Augusta National Golf Club has always been the home of The Masters. It opened in 1933 and hosted the first Masters in 1934.

Is The Masters harder to win than other majors?

Depending on how you look at it, The Masters can be both the easiest and the hardest major to win. What makes The Masters “easy” is that it’s always played at the same venue and can be won by a large group of players (usually within the top 20 or 30). On the other hand, many consider it to be the hardest of all majors given the demands of the course, especially after the changes that were implemented in 2005.

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