Super Bowl Prop Bets

While millions of people bet on the outcome of the Super Bowl game, the real stars on Super Bowl Sunday are the prop bets. It’s the biggest NFL game of the season, and people want to bet on a lot more than just the moneyline, spread, or totals.

Online sportsbooks in Maryland post hundreds of prop bets on all sorts of on-field and off-field prospects. Want to bet on the coin toss, the Gatorade shower, or the famous “Fat Man TD”? See below to see where you can find the best Super Bowl props in Maryland.

Super Bowl prop betting odds

Check our cross-section of Super Bowl props below. Click on any of the odds below to go to the online sportsbook and get your Super Bowl props down.

Best Super Bowl prop bets

With so many Super Bowl promos to choose from, you will get a range of answers if you ask people what the best ones are. And the truth is, there really is no wrong answer, as different props suit different people. However, here are some of our favorites from betting apps like FanDuel, BetMGM, and the DraftKings Maryland Sportsbook app.

Coin toss result (FanDuel)

For whatever reason, bettors love picking heads or tails on the coin toss before the Super Bowl. This wager will be available at multiple sportsbooks, although FanDuel Sportsbook Maryland had a slightly better price than some others (-103 on both sides) for the most recent edition of the big game.

There is no real strategy to follow, as it’s pretty much a 50/50 shot, so it’s all about luck on this one. Bettors like to look at the history of the coin toss to predict its next result, and it can be exciting to win money before the game even starts. The only issue is that the payouts are between -103 and -105 on each side, meaning you are risking more than you can win for a 50/50 chance.

First play from scrimmage (DraftKings)

If you like the idea of having a bet on the line early in the festivities but don’t want the coin toss, this is for you. The first play from scrimmage is the first real football play of the game after the kickoff, and it’s another one that settles instantly. Bettors are simply picking whether the first play will be a run or a pass, but what they do not know ahead of time is which team will have the ball.

Length of the longest drive (DraftKings)

Betting on the length of the longest drive keeps you interested in every possession, especially if a team starts with a lot of yards to go. For Super Bowl 55 between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the over was 7+ minutes (+100) and the under was 6:59 or less of game time (-134). The odds will adjust based on the teams, however, so keep that in mind.

Player rushing attempts

This one is simpler than some of the others, but it can be effective. You don’t need to estimate a player’s success in terms of yardage, only how that player fits into the game plan. If you think Travis Kelce will be heavily featured or the Chiefs will be ahead in the second half, the over could be the play. And so can the under, depending on the situation.

Over 2.5 players to attempt a pass (DraftKings)

Truly a Super Bowl prop if there ever was one. This is a bet you make if you expect a trick play of some kind. The two quarterbacks will obviously throw passes, but will anyone else? A running back? A receiver? It can be incredibly fun to root for a gadget play, as we’ve seen in several past Super Bowls. This bet will almost always come with positive odds, as well, and it was +165 at DraftKings for Super Bowl 55.

Distance of longest field goal: Over (BetMGM)

This is another bet that gives you an interest in every drive. If one stalls out, you can hope for a long-field goal. We suppose you could go under as well, but most Super Bowls take place with ideal weather, and many teams that make it this far have strong field goal kickers. This number will likely be in the range of 45.5 yards to 48.5 yards, depending on the stadium, weather, location, and kickers.

Anytime touchdown scorer (all MD sportsbooks)

This is a conventional prop that you can find at any point during the season, and it can also be more profitable than most props, depending on your choice. The payouts are bigger for picking a specific half for a player to score, but going with the whole game is fine, too. If a team gets too close to hit the over for your field goal wager, root for your guy to score a touchdown.

More popular Super Bowl prop bets

These are some of the most popular prop bets for the Super Bowl that you’ll be able to find at Maryland’s online sportsbooks.

Super Bowl player props

Player props are consistently the most popular type of prop bet throughout the NFL season, as many bettors use their fantasy football knowledge to bet on player performances. Most of the prop betting options are identical for the Super Bowl, but there are some significant additions that come to the fore during the big game, including the following:

  • Super Bowl MVP
  • Player total tackles (defense)
  • Over/under QB completion percentage
  • Fat Man TD: Will an offensive lineman score a TD?

You’ll also find a lot more bets to choose from other than the above, with the more standard ones being touchdown scorer (first/last/anytime) and over/under bets for most players’ passing, rushing or receiving statistics. You can also bet on players to score multiple touchdowns.

Super Bowl MVP props

There’s likely no prop bet more common for this game than the Super Bowl MVP. It’s always been a popular market, even before the rise of sportsbook apps, as it used to be one of the only options that weren’t directly affiliated with the final score.

Bettors love this type of bet for multiple reasons, the first being that many of the live betting odds are long enough to earn a decent payout. It also gives you a strong rooting interest throughout the entire Super Bowl rather than just picking the winner of the game or something typical like the total.

Keep in mind that quarterbacks are most likely to win the MVP, and it almost always goes to an offensive player. Defensive players and non-QBs will have the longest odds.

Super Bowl game props

Some of the standard game props would be picking the winning margin, whether the first turnover of the game is a fumble or interception, or if the game will go to overtime. But when the Super Bowl arrives, things get even more specific with markets like these:

  • Will the game be tied again after 0-0?
  • Will a punt be downed inside the five-yard line?
  • Will any FG attempt hit the upright/crossbar?

These are just some of a long list of options that become available at betting sites such as DraftKings, FanDuel, and BetMGM Sportsbook Maryland in between conference championship games and the Super Bowl.

Super Bowl team props

Team props are pretty common wagers for NFL bettors all season long. For any game, you can pick team totals for individual halves or quarters. You can also pick whether the Chiefs or Eagles will score first, which will score last and whether a team will score first and then win the game. But here are a few distinct betting options for the Super Bowl, too:

  • Team with the longest drive
  • Either team to make a two-point conversion
  • Either team to miss an extra point
  • Will either team score three times in a row?

Super Bowl novelty props

Novelty props are popular during the time leading up to the Super Bowl. These markets are exclusive to this game, which is part of the reason so many bettors like to take a swing when they come around. Most regulated US sportsbooks really limit the scope of Super Bowl prop bets to the coin toss and Gatorade color.

Some states have created bets involving the National Anthem length, but only as it relates to the game. For example, which will be longer: the shortest drive of the game or the anthem? Bets on things like the halftime show or those related to Super Bowl commercials are generally only available at offshore sportsbooks that cannot take American customers.

There are bettors who write off novelty props because most have nothing to do with the game and aren’t worth risking your money on. With that said, some novelty props can include in-game events and even with detractors, these bets remain popular.

(Note: Whether these will be available at any Maryland online sportsbooks depends on gaming regulations. Check your preferred online sportsbook to see what is officially offered.)

How to bet on Super Bowl props online in Maryland

If you’re looking to place some Super Bowl prop bets, the first thing you’ll have to do is create an account at one of the many Maryland online sportsbooks. From there, picking your favorite markets and filling out some bet slips should be easy. Follow these steps:

  • Find your sportsbook: Check out all the reviews we have at PlayMaryland and pick the betting site that works for you based on its offerings, bonuses, promotions, and other amenities.
  • Create an account: When the process is complete, you should be able to claim any welcome offers from the sportsbook.
  • Use your bonus bets: If you receive a Maryland sportsbook promo offer of any kind, you can use it to wager at this point. Before betting, you can also deposit into your account.
  • Make your first deposit: If the sportsbook offers a deposit match bonus, that will also be reflected in your account balance.
  • Locate Super Bowl props: Once you’re set up, you can first go to the NFL section, and then you will find the Super Bowl. Click on the game, and you will be privy to a massive variety of prop betting options.
  • Place your bets: Select any bet of your choice and add it to your slip before entering the amount you wish to risk. You will be able to wager any amount up to what is available in your account (unless there is a limit on that specific prop). Hit submit to place your bets and wait for the game to start.

One thing to make sure of is that you are signing up for a legal, regulated sportsbook in the state of Maryland and not an offshore betting site. There are many reasons for this, including your personal and financial information not being secure if you go with an offshore resource.

In-state sportsbooks are regulated and overseen by the Maryland State Lottery & Gaming Control Agency, which ensures the integrity of the industry. Offshore sites operate under the flag of another country to avoid those very same regulations, which are there to protect consumers.

Don’t be tricked by offshore sites that refuse standard methods of deposit (or charge exorbitant fees to deposit), provide no bonuses or promotions, have no customer service, and may not even pay you if you win.

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