Premier League Odds

Interest in betting on the Premier League has grown exponentially in the US thanks to the number of states with legal sports betting. In Maryland there are multiple online sportsbooks where you can find live EPL odds and place bets on moneylines, totals, double chances, props, futures, and more.

See below for how to bet on the Premier League online in Maryland including current EPL betting odds posted at Maryland online sportsbooks.

Premier League odds 2024

Use the feed below to compare current odds for all the main EPL bets at top Maryland betting sites. Click on any odds to claim your Maryland sportsbook bonus and get started.

How to bet on Premier League soccer in Maryland

There are plenty of ways you can bet on Premier League games or even the outcome of an entire season. Each team in the EPL plays 38 games during a season, and each game will have dozens of available bets.

The most popular option is the moneyline. Since a soccer game can end in a draw, you’ll find a three-way money line betting option that consists of bets on the home team’s victory, the away team’s victory, and a tie. Certain sportsbooks will also offer the draw-no-bet option, where you bet on one side to win and get your stake back if the game ends in a draw.

Soccer betting also allows for double chance bets, where you can bet on two of the three outcomes. Another popular bet is the over/under, where you wager on the total goals in the game. The sportsbook will set a line, say 2.5, and your aim is to predict whether the total goals will be over or under that line.

Many people also like betting on the halftime/full-time market. Here, you need to predict the outcome of the first half and the full 90 minutes. For example, you can bet on Manchester United winning against Leeds and on the game being tied halfway through.

If you really want to increase the difficulty and try to win at higher odds, you can take a shot at a correct score bet. Sportsbooks will allow you to guess dozens of scores, from the realistic ones, like 2-1 and 1-1, to the unlikely ones, such as 7-1 and 4-3.

Some other interesting bets include the number of corners, number of bookings (yellow cards and red cards), halftime result, both teams to score (GG), and winning margin.

Each of these bets will be available before and during the game. If you opt for in-game betting, you should know that timing is of the essence, as odds change quickly, depending on what’s happening on the pitch.

Also, in-game EPL betting will introduce you to additional props that aren’t available before the game. These can include things like guessing the next goal scorer, someone to score a goal in the next 10 minutes, the correct time of the next goal, and so on.

On the other end of the spectrum, you’ll find futures bets. For the EPL, the main futures wager is “to win outright,” which involves guessing the league champion. You can also try to predict which teams will end up being relegated. Both of these bets will be available before and during the season at sportsbooks such as Caesars Maryland, DraftKings Sportsbook Maryland, and the FanDuel Online Sportsbook app, among others.

Premier League player props and futures

Instead of betting on the entire EPL game or its segments, you can prop bet on individual players.

The main player prop market is for goal scorers. Here, you can bet on whether a certain player will score a goal during the game. You can also wager on whether it’s the first goal, last goal, or any goal, while some sportsbooks might give you the option to bet for a player to score multiple goals.

You can also find markets like scorecast (betting on a scoring player and the correct game score), wincast (betting on a scoring player and the correct outcome), and timecast (betting on when a player will score his first goal).

Every game in the Premier League has a Man of the Match, decided via postgame voting, and you can bet on that too. This does not necessarily need to be someone who scored a goal, but it usually is. Other player props include the player to be booked, player to be sent off, and over/unders on player shots on target, tackles, assists, and passes.

Finally, you can also bet on a player to win the Player of the Season award, while some sportsbooks might also offer betting on who wins the Golden Boot (top goal scorer during the season), Golden Glove (best goalkeeper), and Young Player of the Season.

FA Cup and Champions League odds

If you’re a fan of English soccer, you won’t want to miss out on watching top EPL teams in other competitions.

England’s top-tier domestic cup, the FA Cup, takes place throughout the season and includes not only the teams from the Premier League but also those competing in lower-level divisions. The FA Cup is one of the most competitive domestic soccer cups, and odds will be available at major sportsbooks.

Also, the top four teams from the EPL will play in the next UEFA Champions League and test their skills against other great teams from Europe, such as Real Madrid, Barcelona, PSG, Bayern, and others. Many see the UEFA Champions League as the best soccer competition in the world. Each year, millions of bettors place wagers on the Champions League final. Last year that featured two EPL teams, Manchester City and Chelsea.

Recent Premier League winners and results

SeasonChampionsRunners UpRelegated teams
2020-21Manchester City (86 points)Manchester United (74 points)Fulham, WBA, Sheffield United
2019-20Liverpool (99 points)Manchester City (81 points)Bournemouth, Watford, Norwich
2018-19Manchester City (98 points)Liverpool (97 points)Cardiff, Fulham, Huddersfield
2017-18Manchester City (100 points)Manchester United (81 points)Swansea, Stoke, WBA
2016-17Chelsea (93 points)Tottenham (86 points)Hull, Middlesbrough, Sunderland

Soccer betting tips for EPL

If Premier League betting seems intimidating, here are a few tips to consider before poring over the soccer betting odds and placing your EPL bets:

  • Follow recent form: The Premier League season is long, and it’s quite normal for teams to experience ups and downs. Check how the teams have done recently, and if there are any trends. Also, check to see if they show any signs of reversing.
  • Consider the matchups: Overall standings can sometimes be deceiving and not a perfect indicator of how two teams match up against each other. Maybe Team A currently has more points than Team B, but Team B has won the last four games against Team A. Furthermore, Team B might not be that good overall but is playing well on its home pitch. Or its defensive setup could be ideal for stopping Team A’s attackers.
  • Factor in the fatigue: The EPL schedule can sometimes be brutal. Top teams need to play 38 games while also competing in continental competitions and domestic cups. Things tend to be especially tiring around New Year’s when several rounds take place over just a couple of weeks. Teams that played fewer games and had more home games with easier opponents might feel more rested and perhaps have an advantage.
  • Go odds shopping: Never settle for the first odds you see. They might look good, but what if you can find even better Premier League betting lines at another betting site? With the sheer number of sportsbook sites in Maryland, finding the best possible odds for a particular EPL game shouldn’t be an issue.

Where to watch Premier League soccer in the US

The English Premier League is growing in popularity in the US, and EPL games are increasingly available to watch on paid TV channels. However, there’s often a way to watch EPL games online for free.

Many online sportsbooks are now equipped with live streaming technology, and a good chunk of them will allow you to watch all EPL games. You can do so either on a sportsbook website or via an app. In any case, you should know that you’ll still have to register on one of these sites. You’ll also likely need to place a deposit before receiving access to EPL streams.

English Premier League FAQ

When does Premier League soccer start?

The Premier League season usually starts in late summer and ends in late spring.

What are the odds of predicting an EPL game score?

Guessing the correct score in a soccer game is one of the toughest EPL bets you’ll find. Naturally, the odds for getting it right are very rewarding and can be anywhere from +500 to +50,000, depending on the exact score.

How do sportsbooks set Premier League odds?

Oddsmakers will take all the possible factors that might impact the final outcome of a game into account before coming up with the betting odds for a wager.

How do EPL points work?

The winner of a game receives three points, while the loser gets none. If two teams tie, they both get a single point. A team with the most points at the end of the EPL season wins the title. These teams usually have between 85 and 100 points.

How many Premier League teams are sponsored by betting companies?

Several teams in the EPL are sponsored by sports betting operators. In the 2020-21 season, eight teams had betting sponsors: West Ham, Fulham, Southampton, Wolverhampton, Crystal Palace, Burnley, Leeds, and Newcastle.

How many Premier League teams are based in London?

There are dozens of professional soccer teams located in London, and some of the biggest ones commonly participate in the EPL, like Arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham, West Ham, Crystal Palace, and Fulham.

How many divisions are there in UK soccer?

England has four professional soccer divisions: the Premier League, the Championship, League One, and League Two.

How many EPL teams play in the Champions League?

Every year, four of the best teams from the previous EPL campaign represent England in the UEFA Champions League.

What is the Super League?

The Super League was a proposed continental soccer competition that was supposed to rival the Champions League. It was established by 12 clubs in 2021, six of which were from England. However, it received heavy opposition from fans, players, and other league organizations and was suspended.

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