MLB Cy Young Odds

Maryland sportsbooks offer a range of MLB futures odds, including for season-long awards such as the American League and National League Cy Young.

Below find how to start betting on the Cy Young online in Maryland including live AL Cy Young odds and NL Cy Young odds straight from the top Maryland online sportsbooks.

Cy Young odds

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AL Cy Young odds

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How MLB Cy Young futures work

Of the many futures options available to MLB bettors, the wagers on American League and National League Cy Young winners are among the most popular. One reason is that these bets can provide a rooting interest for the length of the season. Another reason is the fact that many times, picking a Cy Young winner means getting potentially sports betting odds with a large payout.

Sportsbooks post initial MLB Cy Young odds during the offseason, before opening day. If you place an MLB bet then, even the favorites will have large potential payouts. The downside is that you won’t have a ton of information, and you run the risk of betting on a player who never really winds up in the race. With that said, if you’re going to wager on one of the favorites, betting early is one of the main ways to get the most value. However, unless you have good information, there is a reason the early odds are so long.

Note that some sportsbooks may take this option off the board following opening day. To locate Cy Young betting odds, visit the MLB section of your sportsbook application and look for player futures, which is where this wager will be if it is available.

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Recent MLB Cy Young winners

Since its introduction in 1956, the Cy Young Award has gone to many different types of pitchers. Many winners were superstar pitchers with elite careers. But it’s also an award for one individual season, so it’s not always the case that a household name claims it. There are instances where the award represents the pitcher’s main career highlight.

Most Cy Young winners, however, are players that most people have seen pitch or heard of if they have any modicum of interest in baseball. Below, we list the winners in each league over the past decade. Many of them have proven to be among the game’s best on a consistent basis.

Recent American League Cy Young winners

2021Shohei OhtaniLos Angeles Angels
2020Shane Bieber Cleveland Indians
2019Justin VerlanderHouston Astros
2018Blake SnellTampa Bay Rays
2017Corey KluberCleveland Indians
2016Rick PorcelloBoston Red Sox
2015Dallas KeuchelHouston Astros
2014Corey KluberCleveland Indians
2013Max ScherzerDetroit Tigers
2012David PriceTampa Bay Rays
2011Justin VerlanderDetroit Tigers

There are several AL teams with multiple winners in recent history, including Houston, Cleveland, and Tampa Bay. While Kluber won the Cy Young twice for Cleveland, Verlander won the award twice recently but with two different teams, and also finished in second place in 2016 and 2018. Cleveland had yet another winner in Bieber in 2020.

Recent National League Cy Young winners

2021Corbin BurnesMilwaukee Brewers
2020Trevor BauerCincinnati Reds
2019Jacob deGromNew York Mets
2018Jacob deGromNew York Mets
2017Max ScherzerWashington Nationals
2016Max ScherzerWashington Nationals
2015Jake ArrietaChicago Cubs
2014Clayton KershawLos Angeles Dodgers
2013Clayton KershawLos Angeles Dodgers
2012R.A. DickeyNew York Mets
2011Clayton KershawLos Angeles Dodgers

In recent years, a few overpowering arms have dominated the NL, including deGrom, Scherzer, and Kershaw. There have been few arms, especially lefties, as dominant as Kershaw at the beginning of the 2010s when he won his three Cy Young awards.

Currently the best pitcher in baseball, deGrom also finished in third place in 2020 after winning in both 2018 and 2019, and could be on his way to more hardware. Scherzer is on a very short list of players who have won the Cy Young in both leagues, and he also won it in back-to-back seasons.

Cy Young betting trends

There isn’t any foolproof way to correctly predict the Cy Young winner, but there are some trends and tips sports bettors may want to consider:

  • Consider previous winners: The Cy Young Award has had plenty of repeat winners, especially recently. Kluber, Kershaw, Verlander, Scherzer, and deGrom have all won multiple times in the past decade or so.
  • Look at the analytics: Analytics has changed the way we evaluate baseball players, and that includes pitchers. Back in the day, people were concerned with win/loss records, strikeout totals, and earned run average, but analytics have revealed much better and more accurate tools for pitcher evaluation. Jacob deGrom won the Cy Young in 2018 and 2019 with 10 and 11 wins respectively, so some of the old school stats are less and less relevant. Today, we’re seeing increasing weight going to stats like K/BB (strikeout to walk) ratio, fielding independent pitching (FIP), and barrel percentage, among many others.

More MLB futures odds

While taking a shot on the Cy Young Award is popular, there are other popular MLB futures bets to choose from. Some are for individual players, as this one is, but others have to do with overall team success:

Many of the team-related awards such as division winners, pennant winners, and World Series winners will remain open throughout the season. The same may also happen with individual awards such as the MVP in both leagues. Others, such as the batting champion or a team win total, will close after the opening day.

Cy Young betting FAQ

Who votes for the Cy Young?

Following the regular season, the Baseball Writers’ Association of America votes on the Cy Young winner. Each voter picks five pitchers and ranks them, with first-place votes being worth the most points and fifth-place votes counting for the least. The pitcher with the most points in each league wins the award.

Which player/team has won the most Cy Young awards?

As an organization, no club is close to the Los Angeles Dodgers (formerly the Brooklyn Dodgers). The franchise has a total of 12, beginning with the very first winner in 1956 (Don Newcombe). Roger Clemens has the most individual awards with seven, winning them with several different teams.

Who had the best Cy Young season?

It’s tough to grade the best of the best in pitching seasons, but if we had to pick, it’s going to be Pedro Martinez in 1999. Pitching in the American League in a time when offense ruled the game, Pedro won 23 games and posted a 2.07 ERA (less than half the league average of 4.86). His 313 strikeouts remain a record for an AL Cy Young winner. The funny thing is, you could make an argument for Martinez’s 2000 season as well.

How good was the real Cy Young?

The real Cy Young played 22 Major League seasons from 1890 to 1911, and once you see some of his numbers, you understand why the award is named after him. Young notched 511 career wins and maintained a career ERA of 2.63, going under 2.00 on six occasions. Of the 815 games Cy Young started, he completed 749 of them.

Is it easier to pick the AL Cy Young or NL Cy Young?

Because the National League has had so many repeats and multiple-time winners recently, some would say it’s easier to predict the NL Cy Young. Everyone starts on a level playing field in both leagues, but more variety in the AL could make it a bit more unpredictable.

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